1. JohnDavies

    London to bring forward new levy on most polluting vehicles

    First London, where next? What cost? London to bring forward new levy on most polluting vehicles
  2. dad4geer

    Linguatronic query!

    I set it up on the weekend and tried various commands like "play from USB", "start navigation.." , "Cancel route guidance"..etc. and they all worked fine. Today while I was listening to a song and I wanted it to go back 2 minutes. Being a user of Apple TV where I do this so many times watching a...
  3. MSG2004

    Small ding/dent and chip - Best way forward?

    Hello Was cleaning our new gle, bought last Thursday. Noted a small ding and appropriately 1mm of paint missing. The indentation is round, front drivers door, about 18 inches off the ground inch below the contour line and 12 inches in from door edge. The ding is 12mm max and round and notice...
  4. N

    Landrover 101 Forward control

    I have a friend in Germany wanting to buy a Landcover 101 aka Forward control a link below if you're not sure what they look like. He...
  5. fabes

    bringing an MOT forward

    Morning Non Mercedes related question, The Qashqai Service is due at the end of January, but the MOT isn't until end March For on going convenience, only having to remember one date, making one trip to the garage (and cost), I am intending to have the MOT brought into line with the...
  6. I

    CE Passenger Seat Not Tilting Forward

    Hi Guys Smallish problem (I hope) The Passenger seat wont tilt forward for gaining access to the rear seats when you push the button Is this a known problem ? It a 92 300ce Any ideas Cheers in advance Ian
  7. Horrgakx

    Leasing - the way forward??

    I saw a thread in here discussing PCP, my experience when I went to MB Carlisle they couldn't touch a lease deal I was looking ar but what was surprising was that no room for negotiation, it was either take it or leave it. So I leased. I went with this deal...
  8. L

    R230 seat won't move back or forward

    Hi all I have a 2005 SL, all was great until yesterday when the seat stopped moving back or forward - the seat pad extension also moves but not all the way..... All other functions work as they should. I've had a good search on the forums and the pushing buttons to move fully forward...

    New C63 AMG anyone looking forward to it?

    I am but at the same time i'm not:( the simple reason being its not a true engine or sound anymore i'm really hating the way cars are going right now
  10. trapperjohn

    Forward Drain Holes C203

    So gave the C270 a wash off this morning and I have a "well" of water collected near the N/S windscreen wiper. I guess somewhere there is a drain hole down at lower body level which needs a judicial poke. I'm used to the "in you face" simplicity of a 124 drain holes not covert stuff on this...
  11. N

    Automatic FF update - lost Address bar, back & forward buttons + more.

    After what I assume is an automatic Firefox update the URL / address bar has vanished leaving me with only the search engine bar showing. Tried clicking on the customise button, looked in Mozillazine, tried System Restore (which won't work) & still no address bar. Also missing are back &...
  12. M

    manual seat not moving forward

    Hi only had my mercedes c180 coupe 02 plate to days and the drivers seat has stopped working it will wind backwards but not forward s .has any one had the same problem .or know how to repair
  13. Marcel-Anthony

    Looking Forward to Collecting My CLK This Week

    Just a quick intro and Hi to all. Hope to collect my new to me Clk 270 CDI (Face Lift) some time this week, Its not my first Merc, have owned in the past 2 190e's. (A 1986 2.3 16v Cosworth and a 1991 2.0l Sportline) and a 1989 280 SL But this was many many moons ago. So really looking forward...
  14. kalvin928

    who's not looking forward to Xmas?

    Well I'm really not... all my family of wife, kids, father & mother are all off to India. and I have to stay due to work.. I am at a tether to see what I can do to pass the time..and most ideas seem to solely involved with the car... there is only so much beer, food and films you can watch...
  15. A

    New and looking forward to meeting you all

    :bannana:just got my Mercedes and loving it!
  16. developer

    Microsoft Outlook Forward To Hotmail

    Does anyone know how to automatically forward emails from Microsoft Outlook to my Hotmail account, as they arrive, not singly afterwards? Will the originals stay within Outlook?
  17. S

    W202 Estate, putting rear seats forward

    I have the rear luggage protector and integral dog guard. I am able to lift the handle on the offside split rear seat and push forward, but not the near side. I have also tried to remove the bar that houses the luggage protector/dog guard but sliding left or right without success. Not much...
  18. S

    Hello. New to MB but looking forward to it!

    Hi All I've taken the plunge and purchased a new C220 Sport estate which I will be collecting on Wednesday. My first foray into MB, but I have been making good use of all the hlepful threads on this site, so thanks! I'm sure I'll be asking some silly new owner questions soon. Rob
  19. O

    Can't move passenger seat forward in CLK230?

    Hi for some reason I can't move the seat position on the passenger seat forward but it moves back and up there separate fuses maybe and its has blown? Also is it possible to do it manually as I can't find a knob for it?
  20. S

    Forward gear 12V power supply.

    I'm trying to find a 12V live but only when the car is in D, it's a touch shift and I want the power to be cut when in reverse, neutral and park. I know the passenger mirror will tilt in reverse and back again in drive and I also have parktronic, but I also realise that these could be CAN...
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