1. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito Single Passenger Frame

    I'm based in Scotland but have the above free to a good home. Its a perfect frame only as the trim was torn & worn. Also have a minted Headrest for the same.. You would need re-trim this yourself Please PM me if wanted...
  2. S

    Number Plate Frame

    After a bit of advice please? Have just got my car and will shortly be putting my own private reg on it but I'm not sure how the dealer supplied frames work and can't seem to find any other threads or videos to help. Can anyone please advise how to take the plate off this type of frame...
  3. maxypriest

    W124 rear sub frame uprate and refurb questions

    With 105k miles and 27 years under her belt 460ft/lbs is beginning to show the failings of the old rear end – she needs a refurb. I have got myself another sub-frame so the plan is to beef that up and fit new arms and LCA bushes. While it’s off I’ll fit some larger E280 brakes a 210mm 2.65...
  4. A

    Space saver spare wheel frame

    The space saver spare wheel holder on my W163.113 looks like (see attached) - it is not the first, or the worst, one I have seen so badly rusted through. They seem to be good at collecting salt water in the winter. I would have thought that this would be a good market for such a part and that...
  5. A

    R107 SL hood frame.

    I've a few of these, all complete, in poor to average condition. Ideal for parts or resto. I know little about 107s, so fair offers accepted. Otherwise they will be put on Ebay, I think.
  6. gramey

    Pre 96 R129 soft top with frame

    The seller hasn't posted many photo's of this but he has more as he emailed me several. I was going to byu this before I found out there was a change in the hood from 96 on and this is a pre 96 roof. Ask him for more photo's, if you're in the market for a new soft top in blue this is definitely...
  7. W

    w639 Dash audio layer frame

    Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum and this is my first post! As I have not find an answer doing some research on internet about difference between 2005 and over 2006 Vito/Viano dash audio frame, I decided to ask, if someone can explain me why some 2din audio player producers say that their...
  8. C240Sport97

    gullwing space frame at MB World

  9. Deane x

    German wurth number plate frame key needed

    I have German wurth number plate frames , they where on the car when I bought it and I love the look of them but I do not have the key to open them to change my plate any one got a key I could buy or know where I can get one ?? Thanks
  10. J

    w210 top of window frame rust. how to remove rubber seal?

    Hi all, I think the title says it all really. How do I remove the rubber trim/ seal (where the glass slots in with windows up ) in order to tackle rust bubbling up on top of door frame. Concious I could just yank it out but undoubtedly risk damaging it. Any insights much appreciated. Thank you
  11. H

    W202 Folding Mirror Frame (not housing)

    Hi looking for a w202 folding mirror frame/mechanism.
  12. Sonny Burnett

    WTB - W208 Electric Seat Frame

    hello there, im looking for a drivers seat frame, part number 2089100185 i could take entire drivers seat, it needs to be electric. Thanks
  13. J

    SL 320 Roof Lifting Frame

    Hi I believe there were some past treads reference availability of hardtop roof lifting frames? I've managed to install a pulley system in my garage and am now looking to find/purchase the lifting frame for a1998 320 SL Panoramic roof. Can anyone point me to a UK supplier please.Thankyou for any...
  14. donshl

    MTB Disc Frame (Aluminium) Wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a MTB frame made from aluminium with rear (front) disk brakes. Would be ideal if it comes with rigid light weight forks (disc brakes only). Looking to pay upto £100 for a good quality frame
  15. jools soul

    WANTED- CLC - front licence plate frame

    Wanted - I'm looking for a front registration plate holder for a CLC (the black plastic part that fits on to the bumper that the reg plate screws on to). Any one got one for sale, or could point me in the right direction, and advise how much I should pay etc... Thanks Jools
  16. omegav6i

    W202 Facelift Bumper Frame

    Looking for a W202 facelift bumper frame/skeleton or even a whole bumper if no luck, doesnt matter about colour condition as im just after the innards. Preferably around the Hertfordshire/London area.
  17. M

    Stop frame engine rebuild

    I just found this and thought others might enjoy watching it. Oh to have the patience and time to rebuild an engine, let alone do it as a stop frame animation. 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee. - YouTube
  18. W

    Stop frame engine rebuild

  19. REI

    Mercedes W124 Gear stick plastic frame surround

    Hi Looking for W124 Gear stick plastic frame surround, the Gear surround from my old trim seems to be smaller than the one on my new trim, if no one has this a part number would be appreciated as I might be able to buy one from MB. Picture attached showing what I mean :) Thanks
  20. KillerHERTZ

    2009 GT Avalanche 1.0 XL Moutain Bike Frame

    GT Avalanche 1.0 XL Frame 2009 Selling as ive just bought a new smaller frame :) eBay LINK HERE
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