1. jdrrco

    Spare bulbs in France

    We're off on our annual pilgrimage in a couple of weeks and, going through my checklist, I was reminded that it is compulsory to carry a spare bulb kit at all times. My W212 has LEDs everywhere including the ILS set up at the front, so a "universal" spare bulb kit wouldn't contain any bulbs...
  2. grober

    Vettel in Tour De France Incident?

    OK OK I got the name wrong- legitimate use of elbows/racing incident or took him out? You decide? [YOUTUBE HD]mgwZsxukSL8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. Londonscottish

    E500 - Back from France

    Well guess what? A 212 E500 is a great way to take the family and bikes to France and back. Unsurprisingly it's similar in character to my previous 211 500 but with a a fairly long list of additonal little details that are often quite minor but that help smooth the journey. I found the...
  4. clk320x

    Driving in france

    Hi guys, Planning a day trip to Belgium though France with the family So I'm 99% sure all we will need: - High vis vest - headlamp beam deflector stickers - breathalyser I know I need a warning triangle but my car has one fitted in the boot which I see when I open it... is this okay...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Driving in France: Mobilo or Mercedes-Benz Service24h cover

    This evening I called Mobilo to check that our car is covered by Mobilo or Mercedes-Benz Service24h whilst travelling in Europe. The lady I spoke to said two things that concerned me, and I've not found anything useful on either MercedesMe portal or the Mercedes website which reassures me...
  6. markjay

    Nothing to worry about - everything is under control (incident in France)

    Injuries feared after blast at French nuclear power plant Let's hope for a Western wind...... :eek:
  7. D

    Comand Online in France

    Does the Comand Online SatNav system allow you to use postal codes in France eg 92100 the same as using post codes in the UK?
  8. N

    New member from france

    Hi my name is Nicolas, i am 33 years old and com from the south of France. Since few months, i own a 2009 c63 amg which has 73000 kmeters. On it, i put : Black niche misano wheels 19 Kn filter Cata 200 cells + secondary decata milltek I am planning to put a agency power catback and some...
  9. Darrell

    A couple of pics from France

  10. jaymanek

    2 days, south france with kids...

    Hi all, Advice please. We only have a full day Sat, Sun and half Day Monday. Staying in a place called Sainte Maxime which is near St Tropez. We have two kids and are hiring a Mini convertible. Thinking drive to monaco for one of the days and the other day spend in St Tropez which is...
  11. Darrell


    We are off to France very late tonight. We are visiting my mum who lives in L'Absie and we are staying in La Rochelle, Paris and one other unknown destination as well. First time for this type of holiday so we are looking forward to it and it's our first holiday since 2007. We couldn't get...
  12. F

    Hold ups on A16 France.

    Was told of long delays on A16 before entering Belgium, today. Roadworks on A16 but police redirecting traffic off A16 for vehicle/passport checks. I'm off tomorrow to Germany, so will use the coast road via Bray Dunes to Adinkerke & hopefully avoid the jams.
  13. C43AMG

    Driving to France

    Off in the CL :cool: three or four thousand miles through France :thumb:
  14. J

    Taking C350e to France

    Hi I'm off to Paris tomorrow in the C350e - it's not great timing from the fuel point of view... Has anyone taken a C350e or a plug in car to France? I don't have room for both cables and am wondering if it is worth taking them. In our Paris office car park their are regular plug...
  15. T

    Recent Trip to France - Interesting Observations

    Earlier in the week we did a quick trip to Disneyland Paris (2 nights/3 days) As we were having visitors and we were 8 of us we had to take two cars (wife's B180/W246 and my 911/997 C2 ) Driving was nd most cost effective way of going and in terms of time taken was comparable door to door with...
  16. R

    Trip to France, inc. track day

    Hi, I have already run this through a few people I know here, but just throwing this out there for interest. There are now 8 people, 5 from this forum going out on Sunday September the 13th, via the tunnel and a long leisurely cruise down to an English owned hotel on the borders of Bordeaux...
  17. N

    Beware of the new French Law when driving to France from 1st July 2015...

    Hi folks, Just thought of telling you if you intend to drive to France this summer and beyond that the Bluetooth headset will be banned in cars and motorbikes from 1st July. Anyone stopped by Police using the Bluetooth headset will receive €135 fine (and 3 points if one has a french driving...
  18. R

    Cruise, Trackday and karting in France

    Not my party, but there's 9 people, 4 from this forum, planning to have a boys jolly into France mid September for 4 days. Its primarily a civilised cruise down to the Cognac region, with no intentions of upsetting the local Gendarmerie en route, enjoying the food and wine as allowed, staying in...
  19. R

    Linguatronic - how does it cope in France?

    I'm thinking of ordering Linguatronic for my car. However, as I live in France, I am wondering how it would cope with French addresses and towns? For example, if I wanted to go to Nice, would I have to pronounce the town name as in "nice guy" to get it to work? Or will it understand if I...
  20. R

    4 nights in France, trackday,+ Karting

    Hi, there is a group of 8 of us, (4 from this forum, and 3 known to us from Goodwood track days and the recent AMG factory visit), That are going to France in September, plus 2 no. more awaited on for confirmation of attendance, but no passengers being permitted at this time, so as we maximise...
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