1. acej

    R231 owners heading to trax freebie

    Any Sl r231owners heading to Trax? Free to some one who will use them. New k&n filters boxed. Let me know and I will bring them along.
  2. R

    Brilliant Freebie!

    I have just discovered enhanced reality apps! McLaren offer free apps which you can download from Play or Apple and they enable you to create a virtual car on your desk. You can move it, remove the body, see features etc. The app I used was "McLaren P1" on Google Play. You need to print off a...
  3. Palfrem

    AMG GT 2015 calendar freebie

    Just received this lovely quality AMG GT calendar from The Fatherland As you can see it's quite large and way too big for my home. Probably suited to an office, garage or workshop. If anyone wants it (collect from Solihull or if push comes to shove I can post it at cost - won't be...
  4. Kerja

    w204 NTG 4 V.11 2013-2014 A204827985 Map update DVD'c

    Hello, I have updated my maps for this version, and now have those CD's up for grabs (Not genuine MB part, just copy CD's) They work fine, just I have no need for them any more, maybe someone wants them. I'm from Edinburgh, local pickup available (it takes 4-5hrs to get it updated)...
  5. Harrythedog

    A freebie from MB

    Get your roof cut open quicker than before lol Joking aside it may help if needed Mercedes-Benz UK - Owners' Area - Rescue Assist QR Codes
  6. Spinal

    Freebie: Showersmart

    A while back, I enquired with a company with regards to solar panel installations... under the various "free"/rent-a-roof schemes... They just dropped me an email with a freebie... Free ShowerSmart reserved for you - HomeSun Looks like a washer to slow down how much water gets to the...
  7. C

    Freebie wheels and winter tyres - will they fit?

    Hi Everyone Been lurking a little while, but finally saying hello! I have a 2008 S204 220CDi, and it's been sat on my driveway since the snow came. I have been offered for free by a work colleague in Germany the following wheel/tyre combo: 2104010602 - 7.5Jx16 ET41 with 215/55 R16...
  8. gary350

    Freebie ends today Ashampoo

    There is a freebie and it ends today (11 Oct) from ashampoo winoptimzer 2008 login to and follow the instructions you want the full version, it will tune, tweak and optimise your pc also Ashampoo clip finder free it downloads youtube etc. gary
  9. Flyer

    Another freebie from Google...

    ... is SketchUp. I've used (well, played with ;) ) SketchUp for a couple of years now and it's absolutely brilliant for 3D design. Google bought @Last, the makers of SketchUp, earlier this year and are now offering a cut-down version for free. Warning: It is pretty addictive :D
  10. kikkthecat

    Mercedes Freebie ???

    Just in case you didn't thing £313K was good value, I believe every SLR sold in the UK comes with a made to measure cover that keeps the dust off while it's sat in the heated garage. My wife has just completed the order for the UK launch in the Autumn of 40 made to measure siliconed cotton...
  11. MyFirstMerc

    Firewall, Antivirus and etc software freebie

    Hi all, Thought it would be nice to share the info. with the members. Computer associates has recently give away 1 year free subscription for EZ Armor (consist of Antivirus,firewall and deskshield) to the public running on Microsoft Windows. You need to register with them first before...
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