1. CardinalZeus77

    Freedom Contracts A45 AMG and C63 deals

    Hi just had an email from Freedom Contracts if anyone is interested in the deals. Mercedes A45 Pre Reg AMG 4Matic 5Dr Auto Solid White, Cosmos Black Interior -Black With Red Contrast Stitching ** 18" AMG Alloys, Standard AMG Roof Spoiler, Artico Leather Interior etc ** Cars Are Brand New &...
  2. S

    Freedom contracts Merc deals.

    I'm on Freedom contracts mailing list and these MB deals just landed in my inbox in case they're of interest to any members. W205 for 340ish/month seems a good enough deal. Mercedes GLE Coupe 350D AMG Line with Metallic Paint 9 + 23 10K PA £399.99 + VAT Mercedes A180P Sport Manual 5 Door...
  3. M

    Post No.30 Freedom!

    Private message facility or reply/post to classified threads unless you have a 30 post count. Job done:bannana:
  4. AnimMerc

    Freedom Festival Hull

    Not Merc related but those who live near Hull it's the Freedom festival this weekend Fri-Sun, it's usually OK especially if you have kids. Loads of music and other stuff going on.:rock::bannana:
  5. Swiss Toni

    Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act took effect from 1 January 2005, so... Why not pick your favourite Speed Camera and e-mail your local Chief Constable. (local website will be Ask why it was located there (ie what evidence was used). Ask what impact it has had. Ask...
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