1. rockits

    Replace wife's touran with freelander 2 or maybe new b-class??

    Trying to find a suitable replacement for the wife to replace the Touran she has at the moment. Favourites seems to the the Freelander 2 HSE/HST or the B-Class seems like an option. The obvious choice would be a Ford Grand C-Max but the looks are great and not sure if she can live with a Ford...
  2. markjay

    Freelander 2

    Thinking of getting one... anyone has any info / views / opinion / advice ? (the Merc stays)
  3. developer

    The Best (most helpful) LR Freelander Forum

    My sister needs Freelander advice after a local garage failed to diagnose her engine problems. Which forum should she use?
  4. jukie

    Freelander 2.0 TD4 Freestyle

    First registered May 2006. 5-door auto, metallic silver, 2 owners including current owner (my cousin), 44,000 miles, leather trim, heated front seats, rear parking sensors, full history, MOT to 2012, 6-cd changer. Price £7500-8000 if that's achievable in the current market. If there is any...
  5. J

    Freelander 2 for sale !

    2008 LAND ROVER FREELANDER 2 GS TD4 A BLACK on eBay (end time 10-May-11 15:18:25 BST) Wife's car, very well looked after :thumb:
  6. 94mattda

    Freelander V61 Es

    Thought i would pop this on here if any one is interested or looking for a 4x4.............. time to go for a smaller...
  7. mercmanuk

    landrover freelander

    landrover freelander,5 door black,td4 hse,2ltr turbo diesal,54 plate,7k miles,sat nav,full leather,manual and electric pack,unmarked condition a friend is selling this due to emigrating on the 17th august,someone said they were having the car bet changed their mind leaving him 2 weeks to...
  8. A

    Landrover Freelander TD4 (new model) - Any issues I should know about?

    Morning all, I am seriously considering getting a new model Freelander TD4 SE - does anyone know of any issues that I should be aware of? I can't find many forums that are frequently used specifically for Landrovers, therefore struggling for information!! Thanks In Advance!
  9. jimmy

    Freelander TD4

    Has anybody got any long term experience with a Landrover Freelander. I know the early petrol's had problems and the 2.0Di were supposed to be rough. The TD4 seems swift enough, very comfortable just wondered if there were any long term owners here?
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