1. Palfrem

    Virgin hiking prices again - What Freeview box?

    VM putting up its prices again it seems. Around 5% We have one of their Tivo boxes. We don't subscribe to movies or sport - we just use the box for recording TV. Plan on getting one of these Freeview HD recorders - any ideas on which is the best please? Any others out there? Hoped for...
  2. P

    Freeview tv in my CL63?

    Hi all, just bought a CL63, love it. I did want the digital tv as an option but this car came up and apart from the tv function was perfect so went for it hoping that I could have the digital tv added later. My question is can this be done? Approximate costs to do? Anywhere in Lancashire that...
  3. dubsR33

    what command unit and freeview receiver?

    Hello everyone ive done quite a lot of searching on this but cant find the answer sorry.. firstly whats the name of my command unit in my clk? ive been reading that you can connect a digital freeview tv receiver to this head unit from a connection in the boot? is so, what...
  4. K

    S320 TV - Needs a Digital freeview?

    Hi all, Im looking at an S320 2004 model and the TV isn't working as it is analogue, what is the best way to convert it to digital? Can a conversion kit be purchased? Thanks, Steve...
  5. Spinal

    Freeview PVR

    As some may have seen, I've just swapped to BT infinity... which means I'll be losing my Virgin TV service. Now, I don't watch much TV and while I will miss the history and discovery channels, I can always get sky if really desperate. That said, I do need a freeview box as my tv doesn't...
  6. Gollom

    For Sale: 19" HD Ready Freeview LCD DVD TV

    Model number: 19LCDVD860 (Digihome) Brand new in box HD Ready Contrast Ratio : 1,000:1 Built in DVD Player Pixel Resolution : 1366x768 Television Type : LCD HDMI Connection Brightness : 250cd/m2 Screen Size : 19" Can be used as PC Monitor Looking for £60. If posted will be charged...
  7. C

    Dynavin Head Unit and Freeview MBC D99 - C Class W203 and CLK

    Head Unit and Freeview Receiver to fit W203 C Class. I think the units are generally well known on the forum, they are fairly easy to install and require no modification to the car to fit. Functions are generally the same and a few additional to the comand units at a fraction of the price...
  8. E

    Freeview on comand

    I know this has been mentioned loads of times but I've just managed to grow a pair of marble balls to rip my car apart so i can take a pic of the back of the Comand to see if it is possible to fit Freeview TV. Alfie or Richard} If possible what do i need, & can you do it, rough price guide?
  9. developer

    Poor Freeview reception Sutton Coldfield transmitter

    Anyone experiencing poor signal from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter. It was very windy here last night, but the aerial doesn't appear to have moved.
  10. brucemillar

    SKY v Freeview

    Foks I am getting fed up with the huge bills that I get from SKY tv. What are the +/- of moving to freeview? I have two daughters school age 13 & 8. So we have the SKY multi room package. If I move to freeview what do I lose ? channels - multi room etc. What kit do I need recievers etc do...
  11. DSLiverpool

    Sealed New Gteed Tosh 32AV713B LCD With Freeview

    Toshiba 32AV713 : Read reviews and compare prices at LCD HD TV with Freeview Cheapest seen is £250, highest £320 - I want £200 and it has 11 months warranty (it was a reward for hitting manufacturer targets) Sealed unopened box Prefer collected Wirral but will ship...
  12. Londonscottish

    Has anyone tried an indoor signal booster for Freeview?

    Hi All, I'm renting another house for now and due to my luddite refusal to sign up for Sky (or anything else for that matter; I'm only in the house for six months max) I'm using Freeview. I use a Humax PVR/Freeview receiver and a regular indoor TV ariel and get a good signal most of the...
  13. L

    Panasonic TV/ Freeview Problem

    A while ago I bought a 42" Panasonic plasma TV. Everything worked fine bit now I cannot get Freeview. I get a message -Astra 2 satelite not found-check aerial and connections. I have done this and they seem ok. Has anyone any idea what could be wrong?
  14. W

    Could I record video cassettes onto a freeview+ hard drive?

    I'm shopping for a new freeview+ box :)and I'd like to get rid of my old VCR to make room in the cabinet for a surround sound amplifier. :D Trouble is that the kids have some films and cartoons on video cassette.:( So I wondered if it would be possible to copy the video cassettes onto the hard...
  15. Colin_b

    Freeview Retune. Disappointing:(

    Retuned by TV, as advised. And don't get ITV3 & ITV4 anymore, along with some radio channels. Add that to Dave and Film4 we don't get either. I suspect I won't get a discount on my TV licence.....
  16. Sp!ke

    Sat Nav with built in freeview tuner

    How dangerous is this? :crazy: I wonder what the legality is of using this product whilst driving. It could open up the whole debate on navigation systems.
  17. T

    freeview on comand unit 2.0

    :confused: hello,i have a mb 2001 c220 cdi w203 with a comand unit 2.0 can anybody tell me do i need a AV Input for COMAND 2.0 so i can fit a digital freeview tv tuner ,or can i connect it straight to my comand unit , thanks for your help tony
  18. andy_cyp


    Is it possible to add a small freeview box to the command of an 211 ??? Can anyone throw some light on this topic or maybe suggest someone who knows please. TIA
  19. mercmanuk


  20. portzy

    Freeview. Oh Dear.

    Yes, I know, but we dont have cable round here and I cant get a dish up very easily. Does anyone have this?, does your aerial point at Emley Moor?, does your picture sometimes freeze and distort?, does your dialogue sometimes go out of sync with the picture?, does ITV not have text?. I am...
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