1. RonFleet

    W205 Audio 20 hangs

    My C220's Audio 20 system hung yesterday, about 20 minutes into a journey. The display screen on the centre console was frozen, nothing changed (time/radio information/heater information, etc.). The heater controls operated, but did not display the changes on the screen. The NAVI, MENU, RADIO...
  2. butler23

    '96 C230k oil and anti freeze?

    Just a quick 1 ( dont know the engine number so cant use the sticky thread) but which engine oil shall i use for my 96 c230 kompressor? Am i right in saying 0w 40 fully synth or 10w 40 full synth? And also is 6.0 litres capacity correct? Also which anti freeze do i need? Cheers
  3. rk100

    Anti freeze

    Hi all Does anybody know the correct anti-freeze I would need for my 2004 CL ? Cheers
  4. rom1

    anti freeze

    :confused: I'm changing the termostat £34.60 for stat with housing from Mercedes Leicester - had to order it in takes 2 days £3.60 for gasket I need to know how much and which type of anti freeze I need, from dealer it is £30 for 5 litres does anyone know where I can get it from a bit...
  5. chubbs111

    ref anti freeze

    hi guys 1997 c200 which type of anti freeze do you recomend i will be draining the system and refilling so im not mixing brands
  6. Satch

    Britain braces itself for New Year 'big freeze'

    Excellent. Guess who is: 1) off to far Northern porridge land for New Years and 2) discovered today that there is no heating on drivers side of car! Britain should brace itself for a...
  7. R

    anti freeze

    I know summers comming,but my anti freeze could do with a change.Am i right saying a 50/50 mix is about right .Any one know the cooling capicity of a C250 turbo. Many thanks
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