1. Piff

    Water leak in American style fridge freezer

    We have a Samsung fridge/freezer with a chilled water dispenser & ice maker. SWMBO rather cleverly lost a valuable envelope behind the fridge, resulting in me having to pull it out to recover the envelope. Whilst it was out, cleaning seemed a good idea to get rid of 3 years of dust. To do this...
  2. Whitey

    Under counter vs tall fridge freezer

    Hi there Another one of my 'thinking out loud' posts - feel free to ignore :D I'm in the process of creating an open plan kitchen diner and am failing to find a suitable position for our tall fridgefreezer. Other than electricity usage and having to bend down a little, what's the opinion...
  3. proser

    Chest Freezer Seal

    The seal on the lid doesn't always seal and therefore every so often we get a build up of ice around the top of the freezer. Also I find that the lid seems to be light when lifting, as if there is no weight to it. The freeze if a Bejam make, I know it's old but works very well apart from the...
  4. D

    Maytag American Style Fridge Freezer

    Maytag American Side by Side Fridge Freezer for sale, white. Surplus to requirements. £500 ono, buyer collects (near Guildford, Surrey) or delivery at buyers expense. PM me for further details. DB1
  5. Tan

    Freezer problem

    Hi We have a AEG Arctis Freezer and over the past few weeks, after someone left the door open, the temperature has risen to between -11 and -18. It was running at -22. The alarm light and the temperature display are both flashing and the turbo frostmatic light is illuminated. I thought...
  6. Spinal

    Wanted: Fridge Freezer

    I seem to remember someone here dealing in white appliances, but can't remember whom... so I'll just post and hope for the best :p Essentially, I need a new fridge as mine is falling apart. I found this one: Buy WHIRLPOOL ARC5573/2 | 12.5 cu.ft gross capacity fridge freezer - Fridges &...
  7. R

    New Fridge Freezer - Alarm/Temp Display

    Any refregeration engineers aboard? - or does anyone have this model? I've just purchased one of those American style Fidge Freezer's-Samsung RSH1DBRS. Arrived 12:00 Friday and placed in position by 17:30 - then left until 11:00 Saturday before switching on. Freezer appears to be working...
  8. spock500

    £300k fridge freezer in black, chrome fridge magnets inc

    Why oh why would anyone buy this ugly slab of bling junk unless one has something truly vulgar to state -
  9. mercmanuk

    Bosch fridge freezer free free free

    bosch fridge freezer free to good home,only changed due to new kitchen.must collect from middleton manchester by friday..
  10. GrahamC230K

    OT: Miele Fridge Freezer for Sale

    OK, off topic, but proceeds will probably get spent on the car, see my logic? Anyway as Miele is the Mercedes of the home appliance world, I think I can get away with this. I have for sale a Miele KF7642SN free standing fridge freezer. Visually, the same as this but the model I am...
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