1. Bobby Dazzler

    W164 ML headlamp washer broken in freezing conditions

    This morning there was a fairly thick frost, and the car had been parked outside overnight. I pushed the headlamp wash button without thinking, when it didn't spray I gulped and hoped there was no damage. This evening driving home I hit the button again to test if there was any damage and...
  2. Braincrank

    temperature rising and it's freezing out there ...

    Just came down the M1 and there was some traffic were the speed was about 30 mph and suddenly the temperature went up .... Once the traffic eased and I was back to cruising speed the temperature leveled out at just just over 80 which is normal for my car. My guess is thermostat ?! Also, the...
  3. AMGeed

    PC freezing after W10 AU?

    Anyone else having problems with their PC freezing after the Autumn update a couple of weeks ago? Microsoft have a couple of fixes, but both involve rolling back to a previous build which cannot be done after a certain period. Guess what, mine can't be done. Hoping MS bring out a patch to fix...
  4. T


    Hi All, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I sound an amateur! I have the Mercedes C class 2007 (57 reg) w204 C320 Cdi and have an issue which I really hope someone can provide advice on. Yesterday evening once I turned the car on, the sat nav screen which pops up upon ignition did so...
  5. W

    dashboard instruments freezing up on e class w211

    on my e270cdi, 2004 the dashboard instruments freeze up every now and then. The rev counter, clock, speedo, indicators all freeze up and get stuck in the position they last were in. Then after a short while the clock starts resetting it self and everything comes back alive again. Has any body...
  6. ckember

    Command ntg2.5 freezing

    Last year I had some issues with my command unit freezing and dying, which went away, this has started agin this week but with a slightly different fault mode. For the last two days on the A41 from Aylesbury to Bicester, I have noticed that the route option is greyed out, when I then cancel the...
  7. Bryan Allman

    Freezing Fridge

    Hi Guys The fridge has just started freezing everything that is put in it. The controls haven't been changed, nor the amount of food put in it. I guess its on its way out so any suggestions on a good replacement. This one is a Candy and lasted 10 years and 2 months, are they still as good or...
  8. Dave Richardson

    Web pages freezing ?

    Has any other member experienced some web pages freezing on a regular basis ? Firstly I have a 3.8 AMD quad & 16Gb of memory (no probs on the engine side) & use Advanced system care ultimate for cleaning & taking care of antivirus things. Using genuine Windows 8.1 & IE 11 E bay for me is a...
  9. D

    Windows freezing problem

    I got a Packard Bell mini laptop (notebook) for the children to do homework etc on because their school uses Windows and all my stuff is Mac. Anyway, they've not used it too much and have just brought it to me saying that 'it isn't working' and the problem is that the cursor has frozen so I...
  10. jonnyMercUK

    Becker Map Pilot - Freezing up

    I don't use the Sat Nav that often however, when I do come to use it, it always seems to be frozen. The only solution is to unplug it and plug it back in again. Anyone else have this issue? I'm on the latest software from Becker.
  11. artyman

    Fast cars and freezing temps

    Well that just about sums up my trip to the BTCC media day at Donnington. Left a 9am and three hours later after 175 miles I acheived 50.5 mpg, only 50.1 on the return journey as a bit more traffic, since we covered going home from work time. This was in my W204 200cdi with the Brabus chip...
  12. clk208

    CLS / CL other frameless door models and freezing glass..

    Any good remedies for ensuring the window/mechanism doesn't freeze solid so when you open the door and the window tries to drop it is able to do so? Been pouring tepid water over the drivers window before opening but I think this is actually making things worse as water then freezes under the...
  13. C

    Freezing Door Windows

    As the windows drop when the doors are opening in my CL 500 has anyone got a solution to prevent the door windows from sticking in freezing conditions. Seems like it will break the window one of these days.

    forum freezing

    Am I the only one haveing problems with the forum not responding every time I try to open a thread? :dk:
  15. W

    Freezing night - How confident are you that your car will start tomorrow?

    With the coldest night of the winter forecast for this evening, how confident are you that your car will start tomorrow morning?
  16. crockers

    Diesel in freezing conditions.

    At what temperature should diesel drivers worry about diesel freezing or whatever it does at low temperatures? Or are additives added to keep it fluid?
  17. CE230

    Freezing Fog

    I'm going to write to my local council to complain about the freezing fog we have here in the Midalnds. I believe it's all down to the members who told the highways department to get rid of the fog clearing machines as they felt it was unproductive to have them standing around for 300 days of...
  18. alanuk400

    The cold hard facts of freezing to death

    This a very good article As Freezing Persons Recollect the Snow--First Chill--Then Stupor--Then the Letting Go | Outside Online Its long but well worth it Alan
  19. C

    Im FREEZING and my cars making weird noises!

    Now that the cold has set in my Air Con has started playing up. There is a strange sound coming from the passenger side of the dash when i increase the speed of the air flow. It is a rumbling sound and to describe it better it sounds like the Fan that blows the air is actually loose or...
  20. P

    Freezing my xxx's off

    I have a 200te, in the recent freezing weather the heater is not working. I have forced water into it using the garden hose, but there seems to be a lot of resistance there is only a trickle coming through, even with the bivalve open. Is there a pump in the system somewhere, there is certainly...
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