1. M

    French cheese

    I've just found a lovely Brie at the back of the fridge, unfortunately it claims I should have "used" it by 2nd January (I assume 2017). Question is bin or biscuit? I know the forum is full of wise people who will point me in the right direction and I can soon reverse my initial instinct to...
  2. st13phil

    Our SLK55 French Odyssey

    We did a few touring holidays in Angie’s previous R171 SLK350 (to France, Spain, Germany, and Italy), so we thought it would be nice to do a road trip this year in her new R172 SLK55. As on previous trips I did all the driving, so it gave me a great chance to get to know her new car and to...
  3. B

    123 230CE Transmission Noise - Misfires - FRENCH Mechanic

    Gentlemen, Ladies, Having replaced and adjusted the centre bearing of the prop-shaft according to all the postings, e.g. lower the vehicle and rock it backwards and forwards or push it around the place before tightening the locking nut, when I change in to fifth there is a transmission noise...
  4. I

    French Speed Camera - Flashed the Other Day

    I got flashed while catching up with my mate on the road to the Chunnel on the French side, last Saturday. Bum. Was doing around 150kph in a 130 zone. The internet predictably says everything you could ever want to hear. Does anyone know what might happen, in recent experience? The most...
  5. Headhurts

    French on strike again

    Well I am off to France travelling Calais to Lassicourt which is a round trip of around 500 miles on Saturday. I have a new Mercedes E350 which has only done around 600 miles so far and no proper trips but averaging 37 mpg according to onboard read out. I would expect this to rise a fair...
  6. MC63CLK

    C63 S French Price

    How does this compare to UK prices seems high to me ?
  7. T

    450 SLC from a French Farmhouse!

    Good morning and hello to one and all. I have just 'acquired' a 1979 SLC450 (pictures to follow when I can work out how). Found in a French farmhouse, it hadn't seen the light of day since 2002. A battery and a bit of encouragement and it fired up on 13 year old fuel! Still UK registered...
  8. N

    Beware of the new French Law when driving to France from 1st July 2015...

    Hi folks, Just thought of telling you if you intend to drive to France this summer and beyond that the Bluetooth headset will be banned in cars and motorbikes from 1st July. Anyone stopped by Police using the Bluetooth headset will receive €135 fine (and 3 points if one has a french driving...
  9. R

    French War Cemetaries

    This may sound distasteful...but is absolutely not meant to. We will be arriving in Calais at 10am on Friday morning and travelling to Reims on the A26. What is the best War Grave to visit on that route? TIA * Cemeteries
  10. R

    French war on diesel.

    Gotta love the French: France Will Give Residents ?10,000 If They Switch Their Diesel Vehicle To A Hybrid | True Activist
  11. ringway

    French Maids Change Oil on Citroen SM.

  12. C43AMG

    French Trip

    Got back from France last Saturday great trip. Managed to get on the wide track carriage on the way out on my return they wanted to put me in the narrow track carriage, which looked horrendous. What I didn't realise is they are double decker's :eek: When it was my turn I explained about the...
  13. 219

    Don't buy French , Italian or 'Pacific-Rim' ...

    Not if you want your cars to keep passing their MOT ! The MoT Files: Bottom 50 MoT performers | Good Garages | Honest John At least no Mercs in the bottom 50 :bannana:
  14. Chrishazle

    French Motorway Prepay Cards

    Just got this from Eurotunnel : Did you know, Sanef Tolling, the French motorway operator has now extended its Liber-t automatic toll payment service to UK motorists, allowing you to pre-purchase your tag before you embark on your travels to France. And, what’s more we have...
  15. effbee584

    French Toll Road Sanef Tag

    Just been offered one of these via Eurotunnel, at a modest saving, seems like a no-brainer so ordered one. The instructions are very definitive that it should go in the hatched area of windscreen behind rvm. On the CLS there is no spare hatched area to stick the thing, so it will have to go in...
  16. Spinal

    French Cuff Query

    Here's one for the board... I regularly wear french cuffs to work - I love them. I have a range of cufflinks, from little silk knots, to novelty (tetris shaped) ones, to shiny golden ones, to formal black/silver bars. Depending on the occasion, I change the cufflink to suit. The other...
  17. st13phil

    Germaine Greer: 'Why can't Britain have roads like the French?'

    In the her article, Greer observes It's worth reading the rest of the article as it raises some interesting points about accountability and performance of the HA. So, rather than just post a rant about the state of the roads, the number of potholes, etc., what constructive suggestions can we...
  18. brucemillar

    French Googyear Lazy Workers

    France's Goodyear Workers 'Too Lazy To Save' Last Updated 15:26 20/02/2013 An American tycoon has ruled out the rescue of the Goodyear tyre factory in France because he thinks its workers are "too lazy" to make the business viable. French minister Arnaud Montebourg had hoped Maurice M Taylor...
  19. Bellow

    French tractors

    Your help please. Struggling to think of French owned companies that make tractors and other agricultural equipment that is sold in the UK. Any ideas? Only Renault is coming to my mind, but I think they might be defunct. TIA.
  20. Gollom

    French booze run!

    If anybody from 'oop North (or even Midlands) is planning a trip or booze run to France could you let me know? There is a particular tipple that SuzyCute is most partial to (Pineau Charentes) so 2 or 3 cases would be most excellent ;) Wine etc. I can get here, but Pineau is rare and way too...
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