1. Piff

    Water leak in American style fridge freezer

    We have a Samsung fridge/freezer with a chilled water dispenser & ice maker. SWMBO rather cleverly lost a valuable envelope behind the fridge, resulting in me having to pull it out to recover the envelope. Whilst it was out, cleaning seemed a good idea to get rid of 3 years of dust. To do this...
  2. A

    W124 Fridge

    And it's not working.... Mercedes W124 Mittelarmlehne vorne mit Waeco Kühlbox superselten neu ovp | eBay Andy
  3. M

    ARM Rest Fridge

    please delete
  4. M

    Installing An S Class Fridge

    Bruvs, I bought an S Class arm rest fridge of ebay about a week ago soon to arrive does anybody know: a) how easy it is to install myself b) best person in London to go to in order to get it fitted (hopefully it fits) Cheers all
  5. M

    Fridge & Tables

    I know your all going to say its pointless but if I wanted to get that Arm Rest Fridge for the S-Class and some fold out tables where would the best place be to go get it. There is no reason for wanting it accept to just have more pointless luxuries in the car. Cheers
  6. Bryan Allman

    Freezing Fridge

    Hi Guys The fridge has just started freezing everything that is put in it. The controls haven't been changed, nor the amount of food put in it. I guess its on its way out so any suggestions on a good replacement. This one is a Candy and lasted 10 years and 2 months, are they still as good or...
  7. M

    R134A fridge gas

    I've got a c270 and the air con doesn't seem too good at the moment is it R134A in there if so I have some at work I can use, anyone no?
  8. d w124

    124 Fridge

    Not much use as the auction has ended but zem Germans are gone crazy looking at the price Armlehne mit Kühlfach,Minnibar,Schwarz,Mercedes Benz,W 124,Superselten,Original! | eBay
  9. Whitey

    Under counter vs tall fridge freezer

    Hi there Another one of my 'thinking out loud' posts - feel free to ignore :D I'm in the process of creating an open plan kitchen diner and am failing to find a suitable position for our tall fridgefreezer. Other than electricity usage and having to bend down a little, what's the opinion...
  10. A

    W124 Rear Seat Fridge

    As title: Mercedes w124 500E 300E E320 Waeco BordBar rear seat armrest refrigerator RARE | eBay As rare as is made out? Andy
  11. D

    Car Fridge Question

    I am thinking of getting a car fridge. Nothing spectacular maybe 10 - 14 litres but I have questions:- 1 Assuming it sits in the back, how much heat might this thing chuck out via the fan? My s124 doesn't have aircon. Will I get too hot? This is Russia at 35 degrees outside or inside for...
  12. A

    W124 Fridge

    I'd like this.......... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Andy C.
  13. azaman

    Beko Tall Larder Fridge - Silver

    Beko TLDA521 Tall Larder Fridge - Silver 18 months old - surplus to requirements hence sale. Fridge on sale in Argos: Buy Beko TLDA521 Tall Larder Fridge - Silver at - Your Online Shop for Larder fridges. Please note the metal wine rack is missing. Other than that it is in full...
  14. H

    Rear Boot Fridge

    I never got round to fitting the s-class option fridge that I had as per this thread I dont know if it works as it has been sitting in the box for 4-5 years now. So if anyone wants it they are more than welcome to it, just...
  15. D

    Maytag American Style Fridge Freezer

    Maytag American Side by Side Fridge Freezer for sale, white. Surplus to requirements. £500 ono, buyer collects (near Guildford, Surrey) or delivery at buyers expense. PM me for further details. DB1
  16. J

    SMEG fridge

    My wife is desperate for a retro SMEG fridge. I dont have a real problem with the money (although they are over priced compared to others), but upon reading reviews on the net they are meant to suffer from major build quality problems. I heard tales of the catches breaking that hold the...
  17. LTD

    American Style Fridge Freezers

    Anyone got one ? I am looking to buy one of these soon and would be grateful if any of you have one and your thoughts on the model you own and the ones you considered at the time. I have a favourite in mind but open to your experiences.
  18. mercmanuk

    fridge or fridge/freezer and washer

    fridge or fridge freezer needed for family member,can collect from manchester area,good condition if possible. also washer needed cheers all
  19. B

    Sprinter Fridge Van

    Hi all, Have a sprinter fridge van for sale spect as follows: 2001 51 Reg 311 CDI High Top Miles 344, 999 but has had a fully rebuilt engine Full respray 4 x new tyres 12 months MOT £3,500
  20. Spinal

    Wanted: Fridge Freezer

    I seem to remember someone here dealing in white appliances, but can't remember whom... so I'll just post and hope for the best :p Essentially, I need a new fridge as mine is falling apart. I found this one: Buy WHIRLPOOL ARC5573/2 | 12.5 cu.ft gross capacity fridge freezer - Fridges &...
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