1. D

    s500 66 plate friend is selling 2k on the clock

    black on black on black he is looking for £115k fully loaded with options obviously only serious people need apply hence why send me a message with your nos and i will get you talking he is looking for 6/7 seater late mode LHD ukl registered so it can be taken to portugal and back for...
  2. Charles Morgan

    An introduction to a marvellous friend who is returning to rally driving at 72

    While my W114 coupe was being restored by Project Shop, I met the lovely Bron Burrell, who is returning to rally driving at a mere 72. Her car, Puff the Magic Wagon, took part in the 1970 London to Mexico Rally, and she was part of the team of three. Tish, who owned the car then, has sadly...
  3. gazz

    Friend selling SLK32 AMG

    A dear friend of mine is selling her beloved AMG Used 2001 Mercedes-Benz AMG 32 AMG for sale in Surrey | Pistonheads
  4. D

    friend selling clk230 with mot 52 plate blue with leather

    no problem with the car must be disposed off 1k ono if u pm will pass his no for more info direct from him
  5. reflexboy

    Detailed my friend's car

    My friend, Donna is a detail freak. She bought this 10 year old MR2 Roadster with a genuine 5,400 miles on the clock and today we spent just under 8hrs on a detail fest on it
  6. Dogbreath

    Mans best friend.. What you got ?

    Curious to see what dogs, if any we all own ? I've got a Deerhound called Hilda and a Deerhound/Greyhound called Stanley
  7. D

    friend embarking on kit project with gull wing on w170 slk

    the details are below Mercedes 300SL gullwing - body kit - fiberglass (GRP) For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C697733] and 300sl Mercedes 300SL roadster - body kit - fiberglass (GRP) For Sale on Car And Classic UK [C697734] locating a donor is not an issue my friend has checked with dvla about...
  8. flango

    Help required to source a car for a friend in need

    As some of you probably know I'm on the search for a car. A good friend of mine is battling a very aggressive cancer and unfortunately its not going well so he is trying to get things sorted and his affairs in order He asked asked me to help and find his wife a car as they had two cars on...
  9. mat8n

    Today I made a new friend!
  10. B

    Goodbye old friend

    Been and gone and done it. I've just sold my SLK this morning. I've had it for four years and been on some great GTG's. I'm missing it already I am no longer an MB owner, but will be keeping my eye on the forum now and again. Citroen going in about four weeks time to be replaced with a Volvo...
  11. dog68

    Mans best friend

    He Lays Wounded On The Battlefield, Now Watch The Sergeant To His Right. I'm SPEECHLESS
  12. 0

    Helping a friend with his C280

    Hi all, New here and not yet a Mercedes driver myself. I occasionally help my friends using my growing knowledge of servicing and car maintenance, I'm not an expert but it's always good to learn right? Being a family man and now very busy, my friend has let his C280 get a bit tired. This...
  13. tingtongpj

    trying to assist a friend

    hi all i wondered if someone may be able to help my friend with some information. he has a 190e 2.5v6 automatic. 1, does anyone know the model number ? ie i know my c class is a w204. 2, he needs some parts for the car but is struggling to find anyone that can supply. shopping list...
  14. J

    Helping a friend: Sports Coupe engine light

    Hi there, I'm trying to help a friend who has a C Class Sports 2.5 from 2006 The engine light was on and so a local garage replaced 'bank 2 camshaft position sensor' The problem went away but came back in a matter of days It is on its third visit to the garage now My friend wants to sell...
  15. Abb

    My friend Dave just bought....

    My friend Dave just bought a SL 55 AMG. He had been looking for quite a while and I gad mentioned I would keep an eye out on here and the other side for a nice one within his budget. All seemed well until I have today received an email to say he's bought one, pure impulse buy. I hope for his...
  16. Charles Morgan

    My friend Dave needs some car tax advice

    My friend Dave is buying a new car which he is collecting on Wednesday 150 miles away. The car has just been taken off SORN by the existing owner, taxed and Mot'ed for the purpose of selling it. Because of the new system for vehicle taxation Dave thought he'd sort all that out in advance...
  17. N

    A friend's 2001 Civic Type R

    The owner, a non smoker, has had this car since 2003 when it had covered 21K miles. She knows nothing about cars so whenever it needed anything it was straight into Maidenhead Honda. It has a 100% Honda dealer SH only, never been anywhere else. Vast majority of the miles are from a 5 day a...
  18. dougal74

    Not eBay but advising a friend

    E220 Cab on an R plate? Helping out a friend here. I used to own a C124 E320 which I loved for a couple of years so I know a fair bit about these cars and have advised him accordingly. He has been to see this one and other than a battery issue this looks pretty straight. No A/C but he says he...
  19. ecossebev

    Goodbye dear friend

    So, on my way to work on Friday morning, some muppet in a Rover 75 pulled out in front of me on a roundabout without looking and the inevitable happened. I've a funny feeling that was the last time l drove my W124:(. After almost 5 years of ownership, not once did she let me down or leave me by...
  20. L

    Say hello to my little friend

    Wibble.. she arrived today, divorce is on the cards, running off with the SL... :bannana::D Designo Magno Alanite Grey, Extended Nappa Interior, LSD, Carbon Brakes and a bunch of other stuff. What a day to arrive too..
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