1. brucemillar

    Old friends?

    forty years ago, before laptops and tablets, when I started working in the City (London) and traveling extensively (worldwide). I decided to spend, more than I could afford, on a beautiful soft leather briefcase/bag. Bought from a very old family leather goods shop (still there) in Holborn...
  2. R

    Hello all new friends

    hi there, im Rafael 27, im Portuguese but i live in leeds/west yorkshire i own a 2005 CLS500 and im a car lover since i was born.
  3. D

    Hello friends with a Benz

    This is my intro, I'm deebz Currently driving a 2009 c class c180 sport (1.6 blue eff) auto estate. This car is kind of a temporary. Always been around mercs as these were my dads weapon of choice. "It's gotta be petrol and gotta be a V" that's his motto I guess you could say he's a bit old...
  4. merc85

    Selling to friends and family

    Do any of you, or have any of you peeps sold a Mb or any other car to a friend or family member? I've got someone interested in mine but his a cracking chap and i hate anything to go wrong. Mine is 100% but i couldn't handle it if something went petong lol:crazy:
  5. The Boss

    Mustard Seed Project - please donate for my dear friends challenge

    Gents, Ladies. howdy.. I have a truly amazing friend called Sonal who is doing an amazing challenge that i have soo much admiration for.. and I need your help!! She is training as hard as you would imagine,, 40km hikes on the weekend around the UK. Donations are critical now so the...
  6. J

    video of my friends w204 c200cdi - fault

    Any ideas??
  7. developer

    Happy Christmas To All My Forum Friends

    It's been a terrific forum year. Lots of great get togethers Lots of helpful information Lots of banter amongst friends Happy Christmas :thumb:
  8. A

    Maybe I'll make friends here

    I don't normally comment about other forums, but another well known MB UK forum, has stopped working for me for the past month or so. Thinking the web site had gone offline, I decided to use a web proxy this morning....and sure enough it works. Oh well, it appears, as a adhoc poster over there...
  9. A

    Xenons and their little yellow friends

    Walked past the front of my C200K which has lovely bright Xenon lighting tonight, only to notice just how yellow my sidelights were. (after they stayed on when i exited and locked the car) These have got to go... I was thinking of brighter, whiter, 501 bulbs (i believe the fixing for a C...
  10. E

    Friends VW wheels

    VW GOLF/TOURAN 16" WHEELS & USED TYRES | Stourport-on-Severn | Gumtree
  11. cj440

    My new E63 & friends

    My (new to me) E63 estate ex Ant1, my brothers C63 estate & my Brabus E320 cdi estate which is now for sale due to the E63s arrival. CJ.
  12. R

    My Friends new Merc :)

    My friends just bought this and as you know I know nothing about older Mercs. So tell me everything you know about these good and bad! :)
  13. michaeldargan

    My best friends cl500

    Check this car out!!
  14. Mike Walker

    Friends car stolen but how?

    As above - my friend's BMW 535 was stolen from his driveway the night before last whilst he and his family were asleep indoors:eek: I believe the BM has steering lock, immobiliser and alarm all fitted as standard so how do the thieves do this? :dk: According to the police not the first in the...
  15. R

    How to make friends...

    ...not. A thread from the other side...not sure if everyone can open it here. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums
  16. Godot

    Do not think of trying this at home with friends or family

    India Talent Show - Warriors of Goja S2SUaoVy_iU:eek::crazy: With enhanced sound effects
  17. W

    Mercedes driver - how not to win friends and influence

    Oh dear.... lv92NRD9uuo#!
  18. E CLASS

    The Awkward Moment When Your Friends Fat Arm Makes You Look Naked

    Was sent this and thought it was pretty freaky!
  19. bingo999

    a friends mercedes C Class

    here is a pic of a mates merc.. needless to say i wont be doing this to mine! this was his other one
  20. Godot

    Absent Friends, a Toast

    “Absent Friends!” HoXcMUiK_5o “Absent Friends!” There are brought to mind again The scent of the buddah-bush after the rain; The dawn in the eastward, the death of the stars, The wet grass that reaches the cold stirrup bars; The beat of the horse-hoofs that waken the day; The jest and...
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