1. MangoMan

    A frightening stastistic!

    YouTube - [Sky News] South Africa: Crime epidemic drives emmigration :eek: And to think I used to live in Jo'burg! Frightening.....
  2. Sp!ke

    Rather frightening afternoon

    On Saturday last, I was invited over to a barbecue along with 20 or so other people. A glorious afternoon, the sun was shining, a cool drink in hand, good conversation, good friends and their respective offspring and all was right with the world. To cut a long story short, it turned out...
  3. Mudster

    Frightening that this can happen in 2007 This will become the biggest religion on the planet, I don't hide the fact I have complete disdain for most organised religion, and this just highlights the reason I feel that way.
  4. glojo

    Frightening joke

    Last Saturday night; a young chap was walking home from a club. It was a cold, wet, windy evening, and he was tired and freezing. Most of the streetlights in the area were broken, and the silence was only broken by the occasional sound of a stray cat sifting through a dustbin. Then suddenly...
  5. mark.t

    M6 sandbatch frightening experience

    Took wife and daughter to Cirencester last night to visit her sister, quick brew turned round for home leaving them for a short break,........returning at sandbatch we have road works three lane get moved over so we use the hard shoulder, outside lane slower than the other 2 my luck .....then...
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