1. martyp87

    Looking for a FTP Hosting Company

    Hi all, I'm a competent computer user but when it comes to online services I have absolutely no idea on what I am looking for. :dk: Basically, I have a company whereby I am now looking to share files with clients via a FTP server. I have a domain name (no website as yet) which I use to...
  2. Spinal

    FTP Backup solution

    So I've decided that it might be time to practice what I preach and backup my data... As this is my personal laptop/desktop I want to backup, and as I have a hostmonster account, I was thinking of just copying all my data over.... Short of just tranferring it all via SFTP manually, does...
  3. Mozzer

    Can anyone recommend a free FTP program

    I need an FTP program to transfer files from my laptop to my website ? Thanks in advance Stuart
  4. BTB 500

    Recommend a free FTP client?

    I have a 16MB video file that the in-laws would like. It's on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3BbL7rD-Vs :D), but I don't think you can download from there? I can't email it as Yahoo has a 10MB attachment limit. I have some webspace at http://uk.geocities.com/ but their upload...
  5. Thmsshaun

    FTP Test help please

    Just a quick test can someone FTP a small document less than 100KB to Thanks Shaun
  6. Thmsshaun

    AOL and FTP

    I use aol for all my picture hosting on here. Does anyone know of an ftp file manager that I can use for uploading as aols standars is a bit painfull and limited. I.e 1 file at a time. Thanks Shaun
  7. Ian B Walker

    Help ref Mbclub FTP

    I dont seem to be able to log into the Poundhost ftp site. Can anyone point me in the right direction with site names, passwords and stuff like that. Thanks Ian
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Cant connect to FTP server

    Ive just done a clean install of XP + SP2 and now I cannot connect to any of the FTP servers I use. I have disabled the windows Firewall, and am trying to connect to the 123-reg.co.uk server. Any idea's what the host name should be for that? is it the URL of the site im using? Im...
  9. Steve_Perry

    Recommendations for Freeware FTP clients?

    Well as I sit here uploading my Clumber GTG piccies at 56k :rolleyes: (I tried using BB from work but it seems that my ISP doesn't allow connections to the FTP site from outside it's network domain) I find I'm getting cheesed off with the mput command and typing 'Y' every two minutes. So...
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