1. Marcello

    (w202) Engine won't start - Fuelpump or PMS ECU problem?

    hi there, about a week ago my C200 (w202/1996) won't start the engine. at the beginning i thought it might be the fuel pump are broken -- because each time i tried to started the engine i cannot hear the fuel pump motor. (sometimes it works sometimes its not). until yesterday the mechanic...
  2. M

    W210 E320CDI front fuelpump

    Just had a vehicle check done on my W210 E320CDI. and amongst other things I was told that the front high pressure fuel pump was leaking at the top and needed replacing. Having had a look at other W210 fuel pump threads, am I right in saying it is not just a straight swap over. Timing needs to...
  3. S

    V230 Fuelpump

    Hi all, This is my first post and i hope turns out to be a sucsess. The fuel pump on my V230 has just packed up and I need a replacment, I called the freindly people at MB and they quoted me £480 :eek: for a new one (they will have to be more than freindly to me to pay that much) so I...
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