1. K

    Exhaust fumes quite smelly and gassey

    I've just had my C220 CDi (w203) glow plug relay replaced and the glow plugs replaced with genuine parts. However I have now noticed that when i put my car in the garage and get out, it smells of fumes, a sort of burning smell and a little gassy? Any ideas please? There are no smells in the car...
  2. C

    Fumes in cabin w211

    Hi. As above a distinct smell of funds in the cabin and low MPG. I'm guessing a injector? Can somebody shed any light? Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. J

    C350 (M272) - Exhaust fumes in cabin

    I am suffering with exhaust fumes in the cabin of my W203 C350 (M272 - petrol). The common view is that this is caused by oil leaking out of the camshaft core plugs and dripping on the exhaust. So at the weekend I replaced my core plugs but the problems persist. So I got under the car to look...
  4. A

    Sprinter 313cdi - Bad starting, fumes..

    I have a 2010 313cdi sprinter on around 110,000 miles. Recently I've noticed its not easy to start it in the morning, it takes quite a few cranks. I've also noticed that the exhaust fumes are quite fumey when they never used to be. I know it doesn't sound very major (its not causing me any...
  5. S

    Mercedes sl350 r107 strong petrol fumes

    I have a 1972 Mercedes sl350 r107 which runs well and ticks over nicely but has a strong petrol smell, particularly when first running. Just wondered if you guys could point me in the right direction. A couple of guys said could be injectors need replacing but runs really well so a bit stumped...
  6. theRéhann

    W124 300e - petrol fumes

    I have a fair idea that this problem is being caused by blocked breathers somewhere, but expert advice would be greatly appreciated... The car runs fine, but intermittently, mostly after driving for quite a while, you can smell petrol fumes. When you open the fuel filler cap, there is a...
  7. C

    fumes in carc200 cdi, 2003

    hi all started to get exhaust fumes in car seems to become from the heater anybody had this happen , can it be the injector seals or cabin filter thanks carl
  8. K

    Exhaust fumes

    When I start the car I can smell the exhaust fumes inside the car, what should i check, could it be exhaust gaskets?
  9. johnnyb

    Under bonnet exhaust fumes CLS320cdi

    For the last couple of days I've noticed a slight whiff of exhaust fumes when ever I stop at red lights or junctions etc. This is with the windows closed and the interior fans running. Tonight I decided to have a look under the bonnet as I suspected an exhaust or manifold leak and I can...
  10. D

    exhaust fumes in side the car

    when my heater is running on the the hot setting I can smell exhaust fumes in the cab but not when the air con is on. its a w209 clk 270diesel. any help please:thumb:
  11. davidclc180k

    CLC180K W203 2008 - Oil Fumes

    Hi Guys, Can anyone please advise? Only recently bought this car with 55k on the clock. Apparently it's due a Service B in 8,600 miles according to the display. My problem is that on stopping at lights, or pulling up at home, there is a very strong smell of burning oil through the vents...
  12. O

    C220 CDI - Fumes in Cabin

    Hi all, I have a strange problem with my C220 CDI Sports Coupe which I bought 12 years ago and has just covered 200,000 miles. Diesel fumes enter the cabin when in slow moving traffic or at a halt (with engine on) and fuel consumption is now quite poor (50+ to the gallon is a distant memory)...
  13. B

    W203 C class Toxic fumes in cabin now and again

    My C class 180 compressor some times filles up with fumes especially after reversing in to a parking bay and sitting with the engine on, I took it to the main dealer who say engine oil had been spilt on the engine block, they steam cleaned the engine which reduced the problem, which does not...
  14. G

    Car fumes

    Really enjoying my c class c270cdi but I had car fumes, was driving me mad with sore heads and dissapointment at car. Got injectors checked, glow plugs changed, turbo and seals checked, all diesel pipes checked, exhaust checked - solution 5mm foam door seal strip added to tailgate rubber...
  15. P

    Fumes inside the cabin

    I've a W203 C class diesel estate and pungent engine fumes (not raw diesel) are noticeable inside the cabin. Now, I know you might say this is an interior issue, but I'm convinced the problem lies in the engine (as the smell is noticeable when I'm outside, standing next to the bonnet or ESP...
  16. astamir

    C200 cdi diesel fumes smell

    Hi guys Need a help with my friends c200 cdi 2005 w203 coupe engine Managment light is on and diesel fumes smell inside the car Is it something related to each other or just coinsedence and he just needs to change the cabin filter Thanks in advance
  17. ringway

    Diesel fumes cause cancer, says World Health Organisation.

    Source. Belfast Telegraph. Diesel fumes cause cancer, the World Health Organisation's cancer agency has declared - a ruling it said could make exhaust fumes as important a public health threat as secondhand cigarette smoke. The risk of getting cancer from diesel fumes is small, but since...
  18. J

    Engine Fumes in Car

    Hi Guys I have just purchased a 1998 CL 420 I have only had it one day. The car has been lying idle for nearly 7 months, and I have noticed that there is a strong smell of Engine fumes in the car. My mechanic told me to drive it for a while as you will get this, cause the engine hasn't been run...
  19. R

    exhaust fumes inside cabin on w124

    Hi peeps, got a bit of an issue,i keep getting exhause fume smells into the car while im driving. Usually on the motorway where it's the worst. Initially thought it might have been the heater/fan but they have been switched off and it still comes in to cabin (even at low speeds). I recently...
  20. steven abootman

    C32 fumes coming into car

    Hi everyone I currently own a C32 and just recently, fumes have started coming into the car through the air vents. Today i pulled away slowly from some traffic lights and a small plume of smoke entered the car via the air vents in the dashboard in front of me with a strong smell to them. Could...
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