1. R

    Residual Heat function in GLC X253 / C W205

    Mercedes used to always have a residual heat function where the coolant could keep being pumped through the heater matrix when the car was off. This meant you could run the heating in the car for a long time with the engine off, great when waiting for someone (like the kids). They they then...
  2. A

    Convenience Function

    I have a 2007 R230 SL. I suspect (or maybe hope) that on entry and exit, the steering wheel is supposed to retract a little and the seat move back slightly. Pretty sure I've seen this mentioned in the manual and I have seen dash displays about Convenience Function, but that's it! If the SL...
  3. toffee-pie

    Memory function.. mirrors

    Guys I am finding that my rear view mirror has a mind of its own, I move it into position, hit M and then 1. Whenever I go back to my car, or stop the car I see it moving to another position. When I press 1 it moves to another position, and pressing 1 again moves it somewhere else. So...
  4. Ali240

    W204 coupe COMAND system Video function?????

    Hi, i have a 2015 C250 Coupe The COMAND system has a feature for "video" but i have been playing around with it all day trying to work out what its for and what it does but nothing:dk: how does it work?!!? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. D

    battery save - convenience function disabled

    Just checking - I haven't used the car for 4 or 5 days. I pulled out of the garage and stopped. About 30 mins later we left and this was displayed for about 300m before it corrected itself and said all functions now working. I think I've had this once before. No other issues related to it. To...
  6. D

    Eco stop / start and hold function - SLK

    The ECO system has stopped working in my 4 year old SLK (including the hold function for the brakes), before I spend a fortune on a diagnostic (Is £120 normal for this at a dealer? This is my first MB) can anyone suggest anything I can check myself? Thank you Daniele
  7. M

    Intermittent Dynamic/Massage Seat Function

    Hi All, Firstly many thanks for anyone who has helped me out on my previous posts, you really are a good bunch on here! I have another odd one that I have tried to trace but am at a loss to work out what is going on. My seats work perfectly but only when they deem it time to work, for...
  8. t-dawg1

    W211 Hold Function Fault

    My Hold function does not work on my car for some reason and after plugging my iCarsoft scanner I found this code,can someone please guide me on what this actually means? Thankyou
  9. R

    PM function?

    Hi Mod's please can someone allow my account to send PM's? Or am I just been blind:dk: I need to send my details to MSL for Eurocharged.:rock:
  10. MercedesDriver

    Phone function in W211?

    I've been struggling for a while finding if I have phone connection in my W211. I have checked glove box and central console and couldn't find any phone jack or anything similar I could connect a phone with. Most confusing is that Command address book is full of names from previous owner. Is Sat...
  11. W

    REST Function

    My REST function seems to operate properly in terms of fan action etc internally but recently I noticed that the air blowing was cold or near cold. A quick check of the pump, mounted on the front chassis leg area near the expansion tank, and it wasn't running. A quick check of this and there's...
  12. W

    Multi function display picture

    Hi All, I have just purchased my first Mercedes got a nearly new e250 coupe and love it. A quick question if I may, on the multi function display when i pull off sometimes there appears a picture of the side of the car with what looks like 2 passengers sitting one from one back with out...
  13. B

    convenience function disabled

    I keep getting the above warning when I first start up. I have replaced both batteries as they were 6 and 12 years old and although the frequency of the warning has reduced it still happens. Any thoughts :dk:
  14. MD5

    R129 window lowering function

    Hi Peeps, Is there a specific module which controls the window lowering function on the 129 SLs? I know the window operation is integrated with the roof system, but I am trying to isolate an intermittent, non usage fault, which is: When opening the doors, the windows drop half way...
  15. J

    2006 E320 Cdi 7G- What is the Auxiliary battery's function?

    As it says. Wondering what systems rely on the auxiliary battery. Thanks Jon
  16. J

    2006 W211 E320 Cdi 7G- What's the auxiliary battery's function?

    As it says. Wondering what systems rely on the auxiliary battery. Thanks Jon
  17. zenman63

    Vito 639 steering wheel and multi function air bag

    As above I have a nice black leather wheel and very good air bag with new switch packs fitted. looking for £200 the set plus shipping uk.
  18. Braincrank

    name the part and function please

    I would like some info on these two parts please. First, what does the black tube do (the one with the two arrows)? I noticed that it is broken where I drew the red arrow. It comes from the air filter. Second, there's a little tube (looks like a vacuum pipe) coming from where I drew the green...
  19. Twistedmind

    Auto light function

    Hen I open the car the headlights are activated. Can this be switched off ??? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  20. ckember

    Cornering light function with AMG body kit on CLS

    I Have a 2010 grand edition CLS that came with a factory fitted AMG body kit, it appears from the literature that the cornering light function is not available when the body kit is fitted. Can someone please explain why and if it's possible to have it enabled via STAR? Many thanks Chris
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