1. B

    Possible to fit Parrot to W169 with display functionality?

    Hi, After looking at the command retrofit option to get bluetooth phone and ipod music, etc, it's working out just too expensive. I'd like to utilise my existing Parrot ck3000 evo hands-free kit and combine this not only with the steering controls on m W169, but also with the driver's...
  2. MrBlueSky

    Increased functionality required on the Comand on my W220

    OK, I have read many of the posts on here and done many searches for a definitive answer, but not found one yet :dk: I have an '04 W220 S500. It has a Nokia in the centre armreast, the one with the curly cord ("380 Complete pre-installation for mobile phone"). I would like to remove the...
  3. portzy

    Limited Functionality?

    Was having a look at a couple of price lists this morning and the cost of COMAND in particular. I noticed a rider in the comments section that Navigation and/or CD Palyback has limited ''funcionality''. I tried to get a sensible description of exaclty what this means but as usual I dont fully...
  4. S

    Excel functionality

    Guys and Pammy, can you help please? one of my responsibilities is to keep a track on people's competencies and training course we've sent them on. To date its been done on a simple spreadsheet, but Id like the "system" to send them a reminder if say one of their training courses was...
  5. scotth_uk

    TOM TOM GO - New functionality (Speed Camera Database!)

    Hi all, If anyone's got or considering purchasing a TTG, just letting you know that the new firmware 4.40 is now out which adds customisable POIs including the wonderful gatso and red light camera databases, etc. Installed it yesterday - works a treat. Full story here...
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