1. S

    Mercedes InCar Internet (NOT WiFi Hotspot! As in Online functions for NTG 3/3.5)

    Hi Guys, I have a copy of ASRA and WIS and I have found instructions on there to retrofit InCar Internet - which is not and nothing to do with incar hotspot; Internet in your car It is operation item 82-7569-02 on ASRA (1.8hrs work) and its document number AZ82.85-P-0005SC I wonder...
  2. S

    Enabling hidden functions with STAR

    When i had access to VAG diagnostics, I was able to enable other functions such as coming home/leaving lights, fuel to empty, etc I'm just curious to know what can be enabled on my 2012 W212 E350 CDI sport over and above what I currently have? Would like to see oil temp, remaining fuel /...
  3. Dogbreath

    Convenience Functions Temporarily unavailable

    Hi all I've had this message every now and again since I bought the car in May. The car is not a daily driver and I use it maybe twice a week but not for long runs unles there is a meet on..! It's never been a problem but a couple of week ago the key fob wouldn't open the car, changed 2 new fob...
  4. E

    S211 Auxilliary Battery Functions

    Hi All, I have to leave my S211 unused for several weeks and don't want to flatten the batteries. I intend to disconnect the main battery (below the load area floor) first, lock the car on the Aux (will this work?) with the bonnet open, disconnect the Aux and shut the bonnet. So everything will...
  5. M

    2013 A180 (Blueefficiency Se) Inoperative / Safe Functions Limited?

    Hello, Hoping someone here can help me on a problem I'm encountering on my car that I purchased around 3 months ago.. "Inoperative See Owner's Manual" "PRE-SAFE Functions limited See Owner's Manual" I've looked through the manual and can't find anything that rectifies this.. I...
  6. C

    E200 kompressor 2009 question about functions

    My wife has borrowed this car from her boss. I try to find out what kind of systems it has and how it works. What is standard for this modell? Is Distronic standard? I have not three switches with the gear shift, so I guess not. The cruise control don't seem to work. Neither the bluetooth...
  7. P

    'Convenience control functions' message

    Every now and then on first start up this message comes up, after a few minutes says functions now available. Starter motor is sticking so could be due to that as battery and alternator are new in last year. Thought really cold weather would cause it but today cars been parked up...
  8. astamir

    W211 320cdi estate BATTERY PROTECTION:convenience functions temporary unavailable

    Hi guys need a help to sort out this one please Out of nothing the message on the cluster came on BATTERY PROTECTION:CONVENIENCE FUNCTIONS TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE but nothing wrong with the car Thanks in advance
  9. whitenemesis

    SBC - Additional functions

    I came across this interesting doc. Anyone with SBC have the full compliment of additional functions?
  10. P

    convenience functions

    hello,Ive a 2002 ,270cdi and the battery is charging at 13.9 with no electrics on and 13.5 with heater ,lights and air con on ,at rest its 12.3+- ,sometimes whilst driving the convenience functions not available warning comes up ,any ideas ,,thanks
  11. C

    Becker Map Pilot TMC functions

    Hello everybody!:) I am new in the forum and I would like to ask about your experience using the Map Pilot TMC functions. I live in Spain and (probably because in Spain we do not have TMC-Premium) I did not loose TMC when I upgraded to SW 2.0. I mean, I always have been able to seen the...
  12. G

    Temporary Unavailability of Comfort Functions

    I have a 2007 Mercedes SL 350. It is low mileage and only used occasionally. When started I receive a warning telling me that comfort function are temporarily unavailable. After driving for a period of time this warning goes away and all functions like heated seats, AC, roof lowering will...
  13. flying haggis

    Convienence functions

    After starting my car recently, the dash display has shown "Convienence features disabled" , Does this mean that the battery is on the the way out (the car turns over ok even in this cold spell) or is it just a self prevention system? MY car is a W211 E280 CDi estate.
  14. S

    New C200CDI Sport Owner needing some help with functions please.

    Hi, Just picked up my new to me (57) C220CDI Sport W204 model. I've only had chance to have a basic play with it as I didn't pick it up until 3 oclock and had to do a 100 mile drive home in it. I have paired my phone to the Audio 20, but the buttons on the steering wheel don't seem to allow me...
  15. nick.ged

    user defined functions in excel

    to any excel wizards out there, i need to write a user defined function in excel 2010 that takes two inputs, the upper and lower range and then solves a sextic equation with real coefficients. ie between the limits of 8>x>1 solve x^6-7x^5+4x^4-14x^3+12x^2-5x+23=0 its really doin my sweed in...
  16. B

    w221 E220 cdi -05. Battery protection: Convenience functions temporarlly unavailable.

    Hi! I own a 220cdi -05. bought 6 months ago and haven´t had any problems with it untill nu. it all started a week ago when I started car after have been abroad for 2 months. the battery was week but the car did start. I drow it 5minutes to the shop to change to the winter tyres. start/stop...
  17. M

    Pre Safe Functions Disabled

    Just got a message on the cluster that said "Pre Safe functions limited - check owners manual". I had been stood outside the car with the door open chatting dor a good 15 minutes. Got in and put the key in and before I turned it the message came up. It went off as soon as the key was...
  18. M

    Functions shutdown with voltage drop?

    Does my 1998 E200 has a feature to shutdown some functions if the battery voltage drops below a certain level? I have narrowed down the possible causes to a problem which has, so far, occured 3 times. The central locking and the front interior light stop working after not using the car for a...
  19. R

    W211 Battery Protection: Convenience functions temprarily unavailable

    Over the last month my 2004 E320 starting coming up with 'Battery Protection: Convenience functions temporarily unavailable'. The message usually goes after 10 mins of driving but it is appearing much more often. When the key is in position one the voltage is reading 11.5V on the dash. When...
  20. A

    Intermittent Passenger seat functions

    The passenger seat on my ML270 is very reluctant to allow the electric adjustment controls to work - any ideas where to start looking? (Its worked a couple of times but usually does nothing, the heat part is working fine, as are all the other electrics bar the rear parking sensors). TIA, R.
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