1. HB

    Other car forum quotes - quite funny

    1. Lamborghini Forum: “Wind noise at 350 km/h, who can help?” 2. Ferrari Forum: “From 16.000 rpm it is quite loud in the interior!” 3. Audi A8 Forum: “Where can I get my Rolex repaired?” 4. Volvo 850 Forum: “At 400.000 km first toothed belt torn, … case for warranty?” 5. Fiat...
  2. CLSMark

    Funny YouTube clip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. poormansporsche

    Funny Advert / C43 Kit

    Chortle ! 1999 Mercedes C280 Sport Estate V6 Spares/Repair/A really small house *AMG KIT* | eBay
  4. Brian 1

    Rather funny Turn sound on
  5. B

    190E funny noise on engine startup

    Hello, this is my first post, so go easy on me! Well yesterday i bought my first Merc. it's a Silver 1990 190E I am really happy with it but would like to know if anybody knows what this noise is when i start the car. I would describe it as a faint honking/dog growling sound but see...
  6. V

    Funny suspension(?) noise...

    Got a 2013 C-Class facelift that came back from a service and it's first MOT about 2 weeks ago. The last couple of days whenever I go over a bump or a speedbump etc I hear a loud "PPPFFFFFTTTTT" coming from the passenger side front or rear tyre area - kind of like pneumatic air being released...
  7. Rosso1

    Whats happen to you while your at work or a funny story

    I thought i would share a funny story while at work. I called in a company to collect some of our vehicles that where due to go out for climate tests. So the company in question sent in two vehicles transported with multi decks enclosed. The first lorry arrived at least a hour before the...
  8. M

    Funny Roger Federer 2017 Mercedes SL Commercial - Video

    Funny Roger Federer 2017 Mercedes SL Commercial [YOUTUBE HD]t6JlFV-Bva8[/YOUTUBE HD]
  9. D

    Funny images/pictures.

    Not sure if this has been done (if it has mods please delete) but just a place to post images you like. Ant.
  10. T

    Funny noise

    My wife's SLK350 makes a chirping noise for 3 seconds every 30 seconds for a matter of hours after switching off on a hot day. The noise stops if you re start the engine and then switch it off. The noise is coming from somewhere near the bottom front corner of the engine in the area near the air...
  11. R

    It would be funny...

    ...if they were not serious: Justice for Harambe: Mother harassed online after gorilla shot dead - BBC News Astonishing new footage shows gorilla 'PROTECTING' boy and holding his hand before being shot dead - Mirror Online
  12. Brian 1


    A High School Teacher was arrested today at Toronto's Pearson Airport as he attempted to board a flight while in possession of a Ruler, a Protractor, a Slide-Rule and a Calculator. At a Press Conference, Premier Kathleen Wynne said she believes the man is a member of the notorious extremist...
  13. jonnyboy

    funny noise s500 underbonnet w221

    Esteemed gents. Acquaintance arrived today. Caught me unawares. 9 yr old w221 with 30k miles, owned from new. Against my advice, its going in to main dealer for a service. "funny noise - can hear inside and out". Expecting the worst I got him to pop the bonnet. Narrowed down the noise...
  14. gaz_l

    Bit of a funny one..

    Not ha ha funny.. Got in the car today for the first time in a week, switched on the ignition and was mildly alarmed to see what I thought was a warning light on the dash (in the gear selection/speed panel at the bottom). Not there normally, at any rate. After fumbling for my glasses so that I...
  15. C

    Funny noise! W202 c200

    Hi chaps About 3 months ago, my car from start up until warm! and only when you apply accelerator when moving! Makes a!! Best I can describe bubbling squeaking noise[emoji50] Hard to pin point noise! I wanna say by gearbox/stereo! But it seems behind glove box! I wanna say fan motor but...
  16. Tim203

    Funny things people come out with.

    Couldn't class this as a joke as it's something a work mate said in a restaurant years ago and still makes me laugh: After an arduous Saturday at work he went to a restaurant with some friends for a meal. Being hungry he fancies a steak and the young waitress came over to take their orders. When...
  17. D

    Not funny for BMW owners?

    Not sure if this pic will work Neil
  18. P

    55 Kompressor funny smell under hard acceleration.

    Hello all, My friend was following behind me one day and said when I was accelerating hard there was quite a noticeable smell of fuel or oil (he wasn't entirely sure what the smell was). I have smelt it occasionally in the cabin. There's no smoke and the car appears to be running fine (not...
  19. zoros

    Funny thing happened on the way to the.....

    Went out for a sunday newspaper, road was wet, came round a corner under full control in the sl55 amg and floored it a little to agressively. ESP took over and cut the revs. Now the interesting bit. Rev counter went mad for about half a second (I guess because the drive was taken away from it by...
  20. BTB 500

    Funny call from the dealer yesterday

    Got the SL booked in for a service on Monday. It's been going to the same main dealer for over 10 years now ... they give me 45% off labour plus 15% off parts, are still happy for me to provide my own Mobil 1 from Costco, and never push to do extra work (in fact they told me to stop having it...
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