1. P

    Himolla furniture

    I all. Has anyone ever bought Himolla Furniture like a sofa suite? Me and the Mrs have put an order in for a 3 seater curved zero stress recliner and a easy glide arm chair and the total bill is quite staggering. Probably at least 5 times more than I have ever paid for a sofa before, so much so...
  2. Meldrew2

    Furniture Village

    Does anyone have a contact at Furniture Village? My girlfriend is getting the run-around over a leather sofa - the leather started to crack within the 2 year warranty but as the 2 years have now passed they are avoiding responsibility, even though they repaired (unsuccessfully) under warranty.
  3. M

    Buying white goods, furniture + a TV online...

    Guys, Need the collective thoughts on some upcoming expense... We are looking to move early next year (Jan hopefully), and in the need for a new Fridge/freezer, a TV and some furniture (oak f'niture that my wife likes). I have visited many stores and checked prices etc and obviously online...
  4. C240Sport97

    furniture storage

    mate of mine is selling a house, and needs somewhere dry to store some of his furniture for up to 6 months space needed is about a garage location wise, flexible, but preferably around M25. any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch need it within 4 weeks if possible.
  5. Whitey

    Value of old furniture ?

    Gents Just stuck the below item on Ebay basically to free up some space : Solid Wooden Dining / Desk / Occasional Table and 4 Chairs possible antique ? | eBay Anyone care to value these as I've had a few queries about a Buy It Now price. Personally I have no idea of their worth, but...
  6. Bobby Dazzler

    Furniture retailers: John Sankey

    Any furniture retailers on MBClub? I'm looking into some John Sankey sofas and arm chairs, and I was hoping to cut a deal ;) Or it would be good to hear from anyone who's bought some John Sankey furnture.
  7. SportsCoupeRich

    Furniture for sale...

    Just a quick note for people to remember to check the classifieds - i know I always don't. R
  8. corned

    Rattan original furniture

    I know it's a long shot, but we're doing a refurb. Does anyone know where I can get some?
  9. Benzowner

    Wooden Garden Furniture

    A bit of a dilema here, I bought a circular wooden garden bench which is self assemble bolted together. Well, I have built the said item, but that was a few weeks ago and the wood has now dried out and shrunk and the bolts are a little loose. Now the question, do I re tighten the bolts, or wait...
  10. jonnyboy

    office furniture wanted

    Hi all With any luck the long-running saga of me leasing some commercial premises is going towards completion. I need to kit out the portacabin, but do it on the cheap, therefore if anyone has some furniture thats been replaced, or knows smeone, please give me a shout. Thanks. John
  11. M

    Furniture restoration

    Anyone know anything on this subject? I have an old love seat frame (caning has gone) which I would like to re-cane but, prior to that, I need to clean and re-finish the wood. The item has no particular value; I just fancy doing it as a challenge. At a guess what would the original finish...
  12. Swiss Toni

    Strip varnish from Garden furniture?

    Has anyone recent experience of stripping varnish from garden furniture? The varnish is split but the wood underneath is sound, looking at NitroMors unless anyone has any other suggestions? Cheers! :dk:
  13. The Boss

    If Mercedes did furniture...

    If mercedes did furniture, what would you choose to grace your house? i guess my first item would be Mayback rear seats as my home cinema seats lol
  14. A

    What preserver to use on Teak Furniture

    Hello Just bought some new outdoor furniture in a hope that we get a good summer :) Reading the blurb that came with it, it recommends a teak preserver for the wood. What do people recommend, I don't want a stain type that changes the colour. thanks
  15. Druk

    Furniture in Brum

    Any forum Brummies give me the heads-up on decent furniture shops in or around central and south Birmingham? Not the chains or MFI type of thing but unusual, classy or different. Large or small no matter. Heading there early next week and like to browse. Thanks.
  16. robert.saunders

    IKEA furniture

    Just spent most of the evening building (constructing?) IKEA furniture - it doesn't seem as good as it used to be :rolleyes: Seems like MFI of old..... Maybe it just wasn't that good in the first place :confused: And now I'm tired. And grumpy :mad: Still, at least it's better than...
  17. nick mercedes

    Office Furniture

    Various office furniture for sale, desks, filing cabinits, reception and office chairs etc. eg: All cheap too good to bin... Anyone?
  18. glojo

    Door Furniture

    We are having a new front entrance and the builder has asked what door furniture I would like :eek: The problem with living on the coast is the sea air. It plays havoc with brass fittings. Down here in the West Country we might not be up to date on modern door furniture that does not...
  19. N

    Ikea Furniture - what do you think?

    Me an' the missus are revamping our lounge and dining room. Being stuck on a rock (Guernsey) we are well used to high prices and low choice, so we use mail order for many things (including my C-Class). We've looked at the Ikea website and found some stuff we like, however SHOCK HORROR Ikea...
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