1. bpsorrel

    2005 Ford Fusion 2 1.4 tdci

    2005 Ford Fusion 2 1.4 tdci manual My late father's one owner little run around with only 29000 genuine miles! Currently SORN at my London address. A good starter car or urban warrior for someone :) Silver with scratches etc but mechanically sound but will need a new battery...
  2. B

    Old Fart + Ford Fusion = %&$@

  3. B

    Following on from "Free Solar", what about Fusion?

    Whilst the British Government is incentivising private companies to rent roof space to generate negligible amounts of electricity, research into other forms of energy production is being starved of cash MIT Fusion Researchers Answer Your Questions - Slashdot Nick Froome

    Mixmeister Fusion, my joy!

    Hello, I just wanted to share my joy of acquiring this amazing software. I always wanted to mix tunes on my PC, years ago I did it with 2 sound cards and a manual mixer, I never really took to it, I'm from the old school twin deck SL 1200's I have about 30 GB's of music and so much I didn't...
  5. flango

    BT Fusion VOIP

    Hi All at work this morning at the motorsport outfit I do some work for and they have a problem. BT are discontinuing the use of their fusion product, which is basically a gsm phone that switches to VOIP when it is near its home router and broadband connection. Now BT are offering a rebranded...
  6. jukie

    Ford Fusion reserve tank

    Anyone any idea roughly how much petrol is left in a Fusion's tank when the warning light comes on? We don't have the user manual. I hasten to add that this is the company's pool car...... :o
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