1. N

    zapped by the fuzz on the way home

    on the way home today.. doing 80-85 on the M11.. just flowing with the traffic... and then we spy.. fuzz truck on the bridge with their box of tricks.. :( now i was prob caught / recorded @ 80-85... same as everyone else.. :eek: now.. do you think they would be just knocking penalties...
  2. kikkthecat

    Pulled by the fuzz.

    I just had a fortunate encounter with our local constabulary, I say fortunate because I was travelling at 40 ish along a dual carriageway that has recently been altered from a 40 MPH zone to a 30. The car was an unmarked red Vauxhall Vectra with 2 uniformed officers in and pulled alongside me at...
  3. Iyse

    Pulled by the fuzz

    Was on my way to Tesco at around 10pm to get some petrol and the car washed (if it was open, which it turned out not to be) with three of my friends who had just come for the ride along. For a laugh, I decided to put the neons on just for the journey there and back, seeing as it was 5 minutes...
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