1. R

    722.9 Gearbox service E280 2008 FYI

    I am about to service my gearbox and have purchased all parts and tools. There are many discussions on which oil to use but I had had no issues in the past with this oil. There are many write ups out there so I didn't bother to repeat. I just thought I would pass on my findings incase any member...
  2. S

    Garmin Map Pilot FYI.

    Just so you are aware, I have tonight received written confirmation from Garmin that they were specifically told by Daimler Chrysler to remove/restrict as much customisation (Specifically personal POI's) from the MB software as possible. So we now have an utterly ridiculous situation where a...
  3. The _Don

    FYI C63 2010 AMG Tier One Warranty Costs

    £0 excess £1550 £100 excess £1355 £250 excess £1160 Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  4. G

    FYI - Hard drive price hikes

    All, I sadly work in IT, and just as a note for you all that dont, there were some severe floods in far east recently which decimated the world largest disk manufacturing plants and will take many many months to get them cleared up and running again - NET RESULT - MASSIVE price increases on...
  5. C240Sport97

    FYI:: BBC2 - How to build a supercar

    How to Build a Super Car Sunday 20 November 8:00pm - 9:00pm BBC2 2/3, series 2 How the McLaren racing team used Formula One technology to design and construct the MP4-12C road car, whose design features include a carbon-fibre safety cell and the first engine the company has ever...
  6. jimmymidnight

    FYI: Bargain tyres

    Not sure if this is any help to anyone, but after shredding one of the tyres on the SL last week, finding a good priced replacement has been a bit of a mission! We need 275/30/20's and the best our mechanic could do (who is usually VERY good on price as we've used him privately for years) was...
  7. PJH

    FYI:- M25 Holmesdale Tunnel

    Road works for the next 18 months.
  8. Parrot of Doom

    FYI - watchdog For information purposes only.
  9. Kinky

    FYI - for Road Angel users ....

    Picked this up on Pistonheads - posted today .... FOR ROAD ANGEL USER +POSSIBLY OTHER SAT SYASTEMS Posted by pesty Around my area there is a type of mobile van that uses fixed sites I wrote to RA to see if these sites are covered here is my poorly written question and their reply...
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