1. Cymruambyth

    Hacking gadget.

    Just saw this on another forum. Unbelievable how these can be openly for sale. On Amazon, a hacking gadget that is a car thief?s dream | Daily Mail Online
  2. stwat

    New gadget, dash cam

    I bought this the other day. A really nice bit of kit for the money.Vantrue R1 Pro Dash Cam 2304*1296P HD 170° Wide Angle Car DVR Dashboard Camera with Superior Night Vision, Parking Monitor, G-Sensor, 2.7" Screen (Support up to 64GB microSD Card): Electronics This is my first...
  3. R

    Another must have gadget!

    :) Archaeopteryx Demo-Clip
  4. E

    New gadget for grans

    Webcam 101 for Seniors.... - YouTube
  5. adam87

    Gadget show featuring car cleaning tech tonight at 8 on ch5

    Just saw this in my facebook news feed from Swissvax of all companys. Starts at 8pm and they do the 'Gadget Valet' with a few Hollyoaks babes ;) :bannana: Swissvax apparantly supplied them with a few products but they don't know if they'll feature or not, guess you'll have to watch to find out...
  6. Tan

    Gadget insurance

    Hi I need to buy some gadget insurance to cover iPhones, iPad and Cameras. Can anyone recommend a good insurer? Many thanks Tan
  7. A

    Revolving number plates...Bond gadget or well dodgy?

    Revolving number plates - only ones in UK on eBay, also, Cherished Numbers, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 07-Jun-09 22:23:58 BST) mmmm
  8. W

    Useful gadget for SBC cars...

    Gadget to switch off/on SBC to allow brake pads/discs to be changed. Sensotronic Brake SBC Release Tool Mercedes E W211 class SL R230 Class Vehicles
  9. stevesey

    Gadget Show

    Waiting for the downhill/gravity racer bit and saw the electric shock pen just had to order one :D Must remember to bring to a GTG.
  10. Geezer

    Inspector Gadget

    Just found this site. Funny! :rock:
  11. E

    Nice Gadget
  12. E

    Nice desk gadget video}
  13. Ade B

    Gadget surprise

    After watching my mirrors steam this morning, I realised I've got heated mirrors. :) And they work! Didn't realise this when I bought the car 10 months ago - bonus gadget. Its the little things :D Ade
  14. jimmy

    GPS Gadget

    I am looking at getting a handheld GPS gadget as a Christmas present. I already have an iPaq with Navman jacket, it is OK for in-car etc but I dont use it for that, I want a handheld device with long battery life for use when walking/hiking. I need to have maps to OS level, I currently have...
  15. D

    Anyone know what new speed gadget might be?

    I was driving along today and on the side of a dual carriageway A road was a marked van. I didn't see whether it was Police marked but I think it was. Interestingly outside, in front of the two rear doors (ie in front of where the cameras would normally be) was a tripod with something...
  16. Sp!ke

    For all you gadget freaks :)

    I've just been playing with some phone software that will allow me to control my PC with my mobile. Great for powerpoints and Media player and stuff :) I've just been laughing at browsing the forum from my PC using the joystick on my phone :devil: Just thought some of you might enjoy...
  17. jimmy

    iPaq Useful or Gadget gimmick?

    I gather some of you have must have an iPaq or similiar PDA, I need to get myself organised as I spend too much time looking for numbers, writing things on scraps of paper and never finding then again and generally being disorganised!! I have a PalmVx but never really got the hang of it. Is...
  18. jimmy

    Glovebox gadget?

    Is this a daft question? What is the little removable gadget in the glovebox for? My last car didn't have one and I can't see anything in the handbook, could this be what is making my horn beep?:)
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