1. Jamier27

    Toys and gadgets..

    Hi all I am hoping to pick up a c63 tomorrow morn. As I am coming from a TVR you can imagine the difference in every department is going to say large. Apart from maybe performance. But I love my toys and comfort too so was wondering what cool gadgets of functions I can expect? It has...
  2. SmartMAC

    Going camping. Charging gadgets problem

    Couple of years ago while camping I managed to flat the battery of my W204 coupe by just charging the phones while camping in Spain. I know how stupid that sounds but I could not find a way to just enable the cigarette lighter in the cabin without all sorts of other bits and pieces coming on at...
  3. The _Don

    Thousands Of Cars Stolen Using Hi-Tech Gadgets
  4. Carrotchomper

    Favourite car gadgets

    REALLY sad I know, but what is the one gadget on your car that you could not bear to be without? My vote at the moment is heated seats. Cold morning...mmmm. Or anything else I've missed? Do tell.:bannana: You have multiple choice, mind...
  5. S

    Connecting various gadgets to computer

    We have a number of gadgets that get plugged into computers to download info regularly (most obvious being a digi-camera) via a USB port/docking stations. I was wondering whether anybody knew of a method of connecting the gadget to the computer 'wirelessly' by putting a dongle into the...
  6. mark.t

    Gizmos and gadgets,

    :D Are gizmos and gadget the devils own :devil: , can we turn down a once in a lifetime chance to own the latest technology,how do we convince ourselves that we/ 1 deserve it 2 can afford it 3 do need it 4 change our life for ever 5 Its got flashing lights :crazy: I...
  7. J

    Integrating XDA or similar gadgets with Mercedes COMAND APS

    Hi, I want to replace my old Palm Vx and my Nokia 6310i with one of the new waves of XDA II or alike. The problem is that the Nokia 6310i integrates well with the Navi COMAND APS of my E270 CDI. I wonder if Mercedes (or someone else) has developed the cradle and make the COMAND software...
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