1. 2

    W209 Gear Knob Gaiter Replacement

    W209 Gear Knob Gaiter Replacement Hi. The leather in my manual transmission 2003 CLK240 (W209) is getting a little worn and I would like to replace it (please see attached photo). I have found the leather for sale on ebay (please see attached photos) but I don't know how to remove the current...
  2. W

    Gear Knob and Gaiter

    Where can i get a 6 speed manual gear knob and gaiter for a 2002 c class coupe mine has seen better days
  3. Q

    W203 Auto Gear Knob and Gaiter

    Wanted a W203 Auto Gear Knob and Gaiter with the 'imitation' chrome surround (fixing clips have broken off!!) Understand Part No is A2032674810/8H91 Any ideas where I can purchase at a reasonable price
  4. Jumbojim

    ABC strut Gaiter

    Gentlemen The gaiter / rubber sleeve on one of my rear ABC struts is ripped, can I just ignore this? If it must be fixed, is it a diy job?
  5. Goenry

    New MOT Laws? W215 CL500 Suspension Gaiter question

    Hi, I recently had my MOT in November and everything went through peachy - I had wondered what I may be up against next year when the new laws kick in. Does anyone know what the rule is around the 'dust covers for suspensions' and what that means? the gaiters on one of my rear right is starting...
  6. O

    W210 steering rack tie rod gaiter

    I need one W210 track rod gaiter./ rubber boot. Its for a E300TD. Cheers. Olivier
  7. dokalj

    ML Gaiter Replacement

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. How easy is it to replace a steering rack gaiter on a MY03 ML270 CDI? What is the best way to get the metal clip off and then back on? Do I need a special tool? Regards dokalj
  8. Z

    mercedes vito cv gaiter

    Can anyone give me a few tips on changing an inner cv gaiter on a 108cdi vito traveliner. does the drive shaft have to be removed and if it does from what end. would be nice to have a bit of advise before i have a go., thanks chris:o
  9. Dave Richardson

    W203 Gear knob & gaiter

    having recently upgraded my gear knob toan illuminated one I have my original one available to anyone who would like to make an offer. It's in good condition & the gaiter is free from any rips or marks Dave
  10. M

    W124 Manual Gear knob and gaiter (boot) for 1995 E200

    Looking for a W124 Manual Gear knob and gaiter (boot) for a 1995 E200. Need as soon as possible. Payment by PayPal include postage to Ireland.
  11. Baron_Samedi

    Gear Lever Gaiter...

    How does it attach to the gear knob thing? Simples! (Hopefully) :)
  12. Z

    How to replace W209/203 gear knob gaiter?

    This maybe asked before but I couldn't find it :confused: Sorry but my gaitor has cigarette burn in it as the prev owner was a smoker :mad:! So I plan to replace it using replacement leather gaiter from ebay or even used parts. Question is how to remove it? Cheers
  13. rhymneyboy

    Leather (gaiter) painting

    Hi all When I bought my W202 the gear gaiter was quite shabby, so I bought a replacement off fleabay. It's slightly the wrong colour, so wondered how easy it was to paint. I guess I'd need a spray leather paint (one which flexes) and I guess I'd also need some sort of sealant or lacquer...
  14. ogs

    changing the gear knob and gaiter

    Hi everyone, just got a new leather gaiter and gear knob for my manual 1992 190e w201, how do I go about removing the ropey old ones please???:(
  15. J

    Gaiter removal

    Hi all, I am thinking about changing the gaiter of my car (W124 E220, Year 1994) due to 2 very irritating problems. Firstly, I figured that, under moderate acceleration, the gaiter will vibrate and give off this buzzy sound. I know it is from the gaiter because if I push the gaiter slightly...
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