1. E

    W210 E300TD Lower Steering Gaitor leak

    Just noticed the above has some shiny grease leaked out of the bottom rubber gaitor - it does not seem to be split, but didn't look to be sitting correctly at the bottom so I slid it over a round metal piece at the bottom and will monitor. It does not fit tightly at the bottom so wondered if...
  2. D

    Changing the Gaitor on Vito

    Hi All, I've search the forum and seen the post's about changing a Gaitor. I might be being think , however i can't work out which bit i need to twist a quarter turn to take the head off. Here are some photos , hopefully someone will be able to assist photo 3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! photo...
  3. ss201

    Rare Manual Sportline gearknob with gaitor

    Extremely hard to find in very good condition Mercedes Sportline leather gearknob | eBay
  4. DannyHall

    FOR SALE - 2012 W204 Automatic Gear knob + Gaitor

    Looking to sell it as mine's a manual, would be interested in a swap if you have the manual version, ask for a picture
  5. T

    CV Gaitor Melted!!

    Evening All, I am needing to change the outer CV gaitor on my ML270 W163 as i got a bit over enthusiastic with the blow torch when trying to get a snapped front anti roll bar bolt out. :doh::( My question is can i just remove hub nut (easier said than done) and then the top and bottom...
  6. A

    W211 / S211 Gear Gaitor and gear knob

    Any one any idea how much a new one would cost. The 'knob' is worn and looks like its all part of the same unit. Also how does it all come apart from the gear surround? Thanks
  7. BaldGuy

    SL55 Keyless go Gear Knob & Gaitor

    I have a mint black later round button keyless go gear knob and gaitor for a SL55, fits in minutes.... PM me if interested..
  8. dokalj

    ML Steering Gaitor

    Hi all, Okay I have been told that the offside steering gaitor needs replacing. First question, should these be changed in pairs? Second question, how much would I be looking at for the labour? I know the part costs around £20 from MB. Or could I do this at home? Lastly are there any...
  9. R

    W203 manual gear knob and gaitor

    hi all just want to know where i can get the 6 speed manual gear knob and gaitor as the dealers want 127 plus vat for 1 and thats expensive iam sure i should be able to find one cheaper than that cheers Mo
  10. A

    W203 Gear knob / lever / gaitor

    Hello all Newbie here, pleased to have found this place and look forward to posts a many! Following a nightmare experience with a BMW 320d bought from a one man band dealer, just bought my first C180 auto with sports pack from Car Giant, well chuffed, crap economy but beautiful drive makes up...
  11. AANDYY

    W210 steering gaitor replacement

    I did mine yesterday. Firstly thanks to Dieselman for his informative post - I used this as a bases for my job. He mentions at the end of his post - By having the wheels dangling it may be possible to do this job...
  12. Dieselman

    W210 Split steering gaitor

    If anyone has a W210 with a split steering gaiter it will be letting additional engine noise into the cabin. The job appears a little daunting but is actually quite easy and as the part is cheap it's well worth doing. Steering gaiter when the wheels are straight ahead. Unfortunately...
  13. S

    c class gear knob and gaitor

    hi im lookin for c class gear knob and gaiter ,,its for classic range 6 speed any help welcome thanks pat :bannana:
  14. Iyse

    Removing the gaitor

    Anyone got any idea how the remove the gaitor from the gearknob after it's been released from the gearstick?? I wanna change my gearknob but I obvioudly don't want to damage the gaitor when swapping it round on to the new gearknob. :)
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