1. carat 3.6

    BBS CH on a w124?

    What does the forum think about these alloys on a w124? Do they suit it or is it a no go? :dk:
  2. P

    British GP AINTREE gallery

    60 photos including some great shots of Moss, Fangio, von Trips, Hills Phil & Graham, Brabham, Brooks & co....and Mrs Ferrari! (I was a few months old by the time of the '61 GP, and you could hear the racecourse tannoy from our back garden- I like to think that hearing the Ferrari 1-2-3 led by...
  3. B

    Alpine A110 photo gallery

    I have a small gallery of photos of the wonderful Alpine A110. I shot them on film ten years ago in France and they've not been published before I got to drive the car on track and it was extraordinary - ultra-quick & ultra-light steering with not much feedback at low speeds. So light you...
  4. B

    Lancia Stratos Stradale barn-find photo gallery

    One of my all-time favourites... This Lancia Stratos has been laid up in a container since 1998 and is original right down to its balloon-like Michelin XWX tyres and Italian plates Bonhams are selling the car in their Quail Lodge auction - book your tickets to Carmel now! Lancia Stratos...
  5. k.dawson1

    Posting Photo's in The Gallery

    Just ordered a tax disc holder, and I was advised by the administrator on notification that it had been sent out to me to upload some pics of my car. But when I go to the Gallery it will not allow me to post pics, giving various reasons. Can anyone help please. Kibd regards, Kev Dawson
  6. B

    London to Brighton photo gallery

    I didn't do my usual 5 am start, up to Hyde Park Corner and chase the run back to Brighton this year, but picked up a few cars near Jack and Jill There's a great photo of a steamer on the BBC website today in the gallery of today's photos 2012 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Photo...
  7. B

    2012 Goodwood Revival Meeting Photo Gallery

    I have a few photos up from Goodwood yesterday and will be adding more. The sideshows have grown enormously in the last few years and the period shops & garages to the right of the main entrance are looking particularly good The event is a three-day tribute to Dan Gurney who is at Goodwood for...
  8. B

    Ace Cafe Run / Brighton Burn-Up photo gallery

    The Ace Cafe Run completed a long weekend for petrolheads in Brighton. Starting at the Ace Cafe on the North Circular road in London the run ends up on Madeira Drive for a day-long party with live music, club displays and stalls. Mainly, though, it's about sitting in the sun and meeting old...
  9. B

    Motorsport at the Palace Photo Gallery

    I've been so busy I have neglected to post a link to my photo galleries from the Crystal Palace Sprint, now known as Motorsport at the Palace Motorsport at the Palace Photo Gallery GN Spider at Crystal Palace...
  10. Godot

    Dirty Car Art Gallery

    Dirty Car Art Gallery :thumb: :)
  11. B

    London to Brighton Veteran Car Run Photo Gallery

    Great weather and a huge turnout of spectators made the 2011 Veteran Car Run one of the best for a few years Jutta Benz, great-graddaughter of Carl Benz, crossed the Start Line in Hyde Park just before 7 am in a replica of the 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen. As a replica the car isn't eligible for...
  12. B

    Vintage Sports Car Club Goodwood Sprint Photo Gallery

    The Vintage Sports Car Club puts on a damned good event and the end-of-season Sprint at Goodwood sees a good turnout of cars both in the paddock and the car park This year saw a huge turnout - the car parks were overflowing and the pits crammed with sports cars of all ages If you have any...
  13. B

    2011 12-Hour Lawnmower Race Photo Gallery

    This the best kept secret in Motorsport - lawnmower racing. It's fast, fun, dirty and uncomfortable and all the drivers are as mad as a box of frogs What's not to like? Link: 2011 12-Hour Lawnmower Race Photo Gallery | Bolide Nick Froome Bolide | Historic cars, motorsport & more…
  14. B

    2011 Kop Hill Hillclimb Photo Gallery

    I have a photo gallery from the Kop Hill Hillclimb yesterday. There was an extraordinary turnout of cars with examples of many British marques that are now just a memory A quick list: Brough Superior, Jaguar, Sunbeam, GN, Frazer-Nash, Lagonda, Riley, Railton, Triumph, Berkeley, Wolseley...
  15. B

    Ace Cafe Reunion Run Photo Gallery

    The Sunday after the Speed Trials in Brighton is never quiet - tens of thousands of motorbikes and scooters arrive from across Europe for the Ace Cafe Reunion Run, aka The Brighton Burn Up At one point I found myself discussing a German-registered Japanese bike with a pair of Germans who had...
  16. B

    2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed Photo Gallery

    I have a photo gallery live now from the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed - enjoy! 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed Photo Gallery | Bolide Nick Froome Bolide | Historic cars, motorsport & more…
  17. High-Lo

    My Gallery

    Found the only picture I have left of my old W202 (since my hard drive crashed with no backups retrieved :o ) so thought I would post it here along with the other Mercs I have owned. Currently still driving the C320 and the B Class.
  18. B

    Crystal Palace Sprint photo gallery

    If you live in or near London and you didn't go you should be kicking yourself! Another great weekend of sprinting at Crystal Palace, great cars and some very committed driving = great fun Photo Gallery 2011 Crystal Palace Sprint Photo Gallery | Bolide Nick Froome Bolide | Historic...
  19. R

    As you cannot discuss in the Gallery - crazy W210

    Just looking through this photo gallery I thought the "Before" pictures were quite outrageous, but what on earth will the "After" end up looking like. They've taken the thing to pieces, put on crazy big wheels, and seem to have made up the bodywork themselves. Interesting stuff, and it doesn't...
  20. Stratman

    Photoshop CS2 web gallery help

    I'm making a web gallery in Photoshop CS2 (File>Automate>Web Photo Gallery.....) but can't see a method of making it autorun as a slideshow, which is how I want it to behave. The user has to click on the slideshow button, which isn't easy to find. Is there a way to make it autorun? I'm quite...
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