1. ray d

    55 AMG miles per gallon (boring)

    Yes I know this is a bit boring and yes if you can afford the car you can afford the fuel but what I am wondering is I thought the 172 with the all singing and dancing gismos fitted I cant get it to do over 25mpg and that is the same as my old 171 was doing and I am driving it like my granny...
  2. EDZ649

    Vintage 2 Gallon Fuel Cans

    Does anyone know anything about the old 2 gallon fuel cans and in particular what colours they would have been originally? I have a 1937 Shell Aviation Spirit Can, that I have just had bead blasted and I want to re-paint it as it would have been. I have been told that it may have been painted...
  3. D

    225 miles per gallon. He added it would cost a maximum of £14,000 to build.

    From flat pack.
  4. D

    Motorists plan forecourt boycott as diesel nears £6 a gallon and AA condemns 'rip off

    The earlier thread from here about an e-mail 'viral' campaign works.
  5. Turbo2ol2

    c200 miles per gallon

    Hi all, can any of you guys / girls tell me what the manufactures stats are with regards to how many miles per gallon of petrol my c200 classic(1999) should be returning ?, it would appear that on the motorway I am getting 34.5 mile to the gallon and around town substantially less, makes me...
  6. iamamanc

    Miles per gallon

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows the average mpg for a 1995 W124 300d 24valve jobby (non turbo) I think it has a 70L tank Cheers Adrian
  7. gangsta se

    20 to the gallon

    hi u guys not have any gtg's a bit more north of the border...:)
  8. jezyg

    Miles Per Gallon

    Just interested to see how my mpg stacks up with other MB's Out of my C200K manual I am managing 33.5mpg on my journey to work have hit 34.4 once :bannana: My 318Ci only managed around 32 mpg. To me seems quite good for the engine/size of car any one prepared to declare there mpg?
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