1. ash59fifty-uk

    Video games nowadays!

    So today I got the last of mini-me's presents Xbox one S with Gears of War 4, new Call of Duty, Lego Dimensions, Titanfall 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5. All are discs however Gears of War 4 is a digital download I own one myself, and know they take forever to install so I started everything this...
  2. donshl

    For Sale: Xbox One 500 GB 2 x controllers and 3 Games

    Hi Have a Black X box One for sale with 2 controllers and 3 games. Games are : Alien Isolation Destiny: The Taken King Shadow of Mordor It's in very good condition, unfortunately do not have the box so collections preferred. Price: 150 (plus postage) Thanks, Don
  3. Rosso1

    So what PS4 games do you play?

    So seeing a few thread on here about PS4 I thought i find out what games people like to play when they are not out there cleaning their pride and Joy. My main game has been Destiny Although I also like Uncharted 4 So your turn what do you like?
  4. stwat

    Old games consoles and new TVs

    Is it possible to use the Sega Mega Drive from the late 80's early 90s on modern HD LED TV's? And if so, how so? Thanks, Stu
  5. D

    Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

    Sorry if this is a bit deja vu but good luck to all the competitors especially Team GB. :thumb: It'll be a big ask to exceed the medal tally of London 2012 but it's a great target to aim for. For once can we keep this thread on a positive note? If you want to have a moan about something...
  6. D

    2016 Olympic Games.

    Opening ceremony tonight. Shame about the time difference but I imagine highlights coverage will be extensive. Looking forward to seeing the Brits collect as many medals as possible. Good luck boys & girls. :thumb:
  7. G

    Anyone into vintage computer games?

    However, not the brainless shooting and revolting violence kind - I have a 1996 Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective game CD by ICOM Simulations, made in Germany. Bought it in Toronto 20 years ago ... There are three cases there, and it comes with a brief guide and a "facsimile" of 1888...
  8. F

    Let the games commence!

    Started to take lots of bits off the C43 today, rear seats and boot trim - bit of exploration and to get it ready for some sill welding that it needs. Happily, it's quite clean and I managed to hack out most of the cable left over from some previous godawful ICE installation!
  9. Rashman

    The Queen's arrival at common wealth games..

    Man, was that Bentley on hydraulics or do you reckon they were sampling abit of hippie hop as they rolled in?! That Bentley was literally rockin' ! :rock: lol
  10. Howard

    Commonwealth Games

    I see the torch has arrived in Glasgow.
  11. clk208

    Phone stolen on trip abroad - insurance fun and games

    Had my phone (iPhone 4s) stolen yesterday on a short European trip. The phone was stolen when I was in Hungary and it was quite a challenge indeed to get a police report. Anyway I persisted and have a crime report/reference number after wasting many hours. On viewing my Travel Insurance...
  12. LTD

    Another Olympic Games shambles ...

    Tonight's game of football at Hampden has been delayed as the North Korean team are refusing to play. They have my sympathy. Downside is that I reckon I'm within the blast zone of the nuclear warhead that will no doubt be en route ... :doh:
  13. B

    battery drain playing games :wallbash:

    Battery drain playing games on me Hello gentlemen, My problem is I can't understand what in the end bleeds the battery. Identified suspects are - COMAND, - memory seat control modules, - OCP but they are playing games with me on who is it still doing it. It all started in cold...
  14. A

    Steering wheel mount for Car driving games Xbox etc

    Hello I'm gradually getting a Christmas present to myself sorted... I Have the Xbox 360, couple of games (Forza and Dirt 3) then the official Xbox steering wheel the older one thats quite wide with force feedback. I'm pretty much only ever going to use the machine for driving games...
  15. BenzedUP

    4 Games;

    Hi, I have for sale 3 Playstation3 games and 1 XBox360 game, they are more or less new, only been used a handful of times! PS3; 1- Gran Turismo 5 - (Latest one out) 2- Fifa 10 3- Fifa 09 XBOX-360 1- 50CENT Blood on the sand. £40 + £5 P&P PM me if interested, thank you. Josef.
  16. R

    The radio is playing games with me. w124 300ce

    I would like some opinions / ideas. Car is 1990 300ce. The stereo is an after market one. Today I thought I would see to why the rear speakers were not working. I did start with checking to make sure there wasn't the option to balance all the sound to the front (the two front ones work only...
  17. splang

    Zippity Games Console for Children

    For sale on ebay: Zippity - Disney wireless game - perfect condition | eBay UK As new condition. 1 day to go!!
  18. A

    Xbox 360 driving games / steering wheel advice

    Hello Soon an xbox 36o will be in my hands in a prize win :) I will probably only use it for driving games and although the ps3 with Gt5 would be my choice... Free is free so cannot knock it :) Ideally I would like a racing game with the 'ring' as a track? Does forza 3? Also what...
  19. BenzedUP

    Ps3 games;

    Hi, I've got 2 new PS3 game, TDU 2 Test Drive Unlimted and Need For Speed Shift. Only used them a couple of times, they are in perfectly new condition. £20 + £3.40 P&P 1st class Recorded.:thumb:
  20. mercmanuk

    pc games

    motoracer 3 gp bike racing microsoft combat flight simulator 3 battle of europe colin mcrae dirt csi crime scene investigation £10 +postage
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