1. marty359

    3 Gang Brass Dimmer

    3 Gang 2 way varilight brass dimmer. max load 250w per switch min load 40w per switch. Brand new £25 delivered
  2. 219

    Delhi gang rape: Four sentenced to death

    Could/should this ever happen here ? BBC News - Delhi gang rape: Four sentenced to death Discuss.
  3. J

    Just joined the EGR delete gang

    Hi all As the title suggests only yesterday i had the EGR mod done by Alex Crow in Suffolk. I must say that the c270 was running beautifully before the mod with absolutely no smoke under acceleration, so i,m not expecting any drastic improvements in performance etc. I had it done purely for...
  4. carat 3.6

    One for the w124 gang...

    1988 Mercedes Benz AMG Mallet 300TE 6.0L 16V V8 Wagon For Sale - YouTube :rock:
  5. R

    Gang found guilty

    Just found this in my local free paper,i remember they were caught a while ago.i wonder what they will get.
  6. jeremytaylor

    Mercedes Gang Arrested

    Over 3 pages of todays London Evening Standard is a report that Police yesterday arrested 7 people in a Stratford scrap-yard, ending a reported£1,000,000/year racket. Up to 120 pre-1996 E-class Mercs (i.e. W124) cars would be stolen per month mostly in London and stripped for parts in just 3...
  7. SportsCoupeRich

    hi gang. home pc...

    pretty highly specced Packard bell, upgraded by independant about 6 mths ago now seems to be taking an age to shut down and switch user. ALSO has developed the habit of throwing me out of games into windows. did i say games. meant excel. *cough* :rolleyes: o/s is windows media edition fancy...
  8. SportsCoupeRich

    Hi gang - What detector am i buying?

    Going to invest in the licence saver. I think i want to spend no more than £400 or thereabouts which seems to cover most of the products out there. REqs Detect all horrible 3 point givers, accident blackspots and i want ti hard wired so i dont have to mess around with any curly leads. :D...
  9. Satch

    £3m car gang smashed

    London's most prolific car theft gang has been smashed. Police estimate they stole 1,000 cars valued at about £3.5 million in only six months. Their favourite car was the Mercedes Benz. Thieves simply used low-lifter trucks to move the cars out of their parking spaces, often outside the...
  10. weebobster

    Hi gang - Im real excited ;-)

    Hi all I have just joined the forum and am soooooo happy to be here. I have just bought a year old C220 CDI and am hoping to collect the car next week. I found this forum whilst looking for information on my new car. I have researched the pro's and con's of this marque but would so much...
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