1. Haris

    New garage door opener technology

    BMW F800S Garage Door Opener - YouTube :)
  2. S

    Garage Tomorrow, guidence on Oil required.

    Hi all. I have had conflicting reports from my garage as to what Oil my car takes, and basically wanted to clarify it with you all. It is a ( W203 ) am i correct? C Class 2002 Plate, Diesel,Auto,Coupe. The last owners Garage used 15w 40w Oil however, I thought this model required...
  3. Tan

    Garage damaged car

    Hi My brothers car has been damaged by the dealer (not MB). Basically the driver taking it for a clean, hit a low bollard and has damaged the lower sill and door area, apparently about £7k of damage. Although the dealer is having the car repaired without any quibbles, I am concerned what...
  4. elisetype25

    Well Done Regent Garage, Criccieth

    Just returned from getting a second service on the S212. Had considered getting a Mercedes Service package but decided to see how things went. This would have cost £720 to date. Having carried out my 1st service at 16k, I obtained a quote for the 2nd and booked the car in at Regent Garage...
  5. T

    Anyone got a cheap garage seal idea?

    Hi, It's getting colder and I'm looking to improve the sealing on my standard up and over garage door. Has anyone an effective and inexpensive idea of how to improve the draft proofing? Thanks Toby
  6. horgantrevor

    garage clean out w202 bits trim ect ...

    two c43 dash trim in carbon with switches one has a mark on right hand side were some one put a phone kit . no mark trim 65 pounds with switches . the trim with mark 50 with switches also a gear stick trim with booth release hole carbon fiber look c43 30 pounds postage on any item will...
  7. Dizwen

    Car MUST be in a garage or no cover?

    Renewal time and Adrian flux/aviva have added a new clause to my insurance. The car must be in a garage between the hours of 10pm-6am or they won't cover it if it goes or is damaged by some idiot trying to nick it. I was told that alot of bike cover is like this and now they are moving onto...
  8. whizzkid11

    MERCEDES Garage in Germany (Cologne)

    All, I am due to be driving to Cologne at the end of the week, and as my W210 needs some injector/seal attention, was wondering if it would be cheaper to get it done there. Does anybody know of any garages in northern/western Germany that could be recommended? I know its a longshot and...
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