1. J

    Coventry Vito garages.

    Anybody recommend a decent MB repairer in Coventry that can work on Vito's? Have found the following , are these okay ? GM motors on lythalls lane Coventry. Mercland Nuneaton. Want to get a quote on oil cooler leak , but Van is Sorn at moment so cannot take it there. Do you...
  2. R

    Five garages and no one knows what is wrong.

    The AA, my regular garage, a Merc specialist, a brake specialist and a Merc engineer have all looked at my car and agree there is a real issue, but none know what it is. The latest idea is that it is a gearbox issue. Does anyone on here have an idea or how I can diagnose the issue? The...
  3. Screwdriver

    Millennium City Garages - Central London (Southwark)

    After my terrible experience with Ivan from Automerc, I'd be interested in any feedback/ experience with this central London Mercedes Specialist. My initial impressions are positive given how friendly the owner Nick was to all his customers, not just me and how thorough he was with the MOT...
  4. C

    Local garages

    Hi I am looking for a good independent garage with diagnostic for my c class in the Northampton area (Kettering ideally).Any suggestions would be gratefully received.Many thanks
  5. adile220

    w124 coupe service - any recommended garages?

    Hi all Want to get my w124 coupe serviced and checked for common issues (loom, rust areas) and am looking for recommended people to carry out the work? I am based in Bromley, Kent / SE London. Thanks! Adil
  6. D

    Just bought CLK320 - advise on garages and cambelt please!

    Hi there, My wife recently bought a Mercedes CLK320 Elegance, 04 plate with 40,000 miles on the clock. I believe i need to change the cambelt after 100k miles or 10 years, so next year — it will be due. We live in West London, by Ealing and having never owned a Mercedes before i was hoping...
  7. Red C220

    En-Suite Garages

    Vroom with a view: The high-rise flats with your Ferrari parked outside - 100m up! - Yahoo! Cars
  8. W

    carpeted garages

    I've two large rugs surplus to requirements and wondered if I should just roll them out in the garage (currently concrete). They're a tight weave durable surface, as opposed to the deep pile kind. Will the rugs make the garage a cleaner and more comfortable place to work in, or will the rugs...
  9. A

    Some amazing garages

    I've only looked down the first page.... WOW ! World's Most Beautiful GARAGES & Exotics: Insane GARAGE PICTURE THREAD! 50+ Pics!
  10. janner

    Why do garages insist on 'test driving' my car?

    Just picked up my twin turbo from its MOT. "Everything okay?" say me "yes, but we had to take it out for a spin to get it hot enough to pass the emissions test" says bloke "ahh, alright says me" "yeh, the lads enjoyed that" says bloke, grinning. Considering i blasted it up the 'A' road...
  11. A

    Village of garages Amazing how some of them have been kitted out :)
  12. A

    independant MB garages

    any good garages close to airdrie?
  13. ringway

    The top 50 Garages for servicing & Repairs in the UK.

    The Top 50 UK Garages for Servicing & Repairs. Although run by the government backed "Motor Codes", and a final judgement by a panel including representatives from What Car? Magazine and TV's Wheeler Dealers, I'm unconvinced by this competition. None of the garages run by MB Club members are...
  14. zubear

    garages in london who deal with recoding merc keys.

    hi there im looking for garages in london who recode keys as i have heard that my key may need doing. the problem i have is that sometime the car will open with the remote and sometimes it wont. i have changed the battery in the remote and battery in the car is fine. help needed please thanks.
  15. Dizwen

    Why do garages cause more problems?

    The car started to make a high pitch noise from some where in the engine bay so I decided to get it checked ASAP. Took to Benz at Derby as I have a 3rd party warranty. Dropped the car off and jumped in a brand new 350 CLS, only 500 miles on the clock, best loan car I've ever had! Phone call...
  16. DazT-SLK320

    paisley garages??

    Hi anyone know of any garages in glasgow/paisley where they fix mercs?? Cheers Daz
  17. G

    Any recommended remapping garages???

    Does anyone know of any good remapping places in Somerset?? that could remap my C220 CDI Coupe????
  18. splitpin

    Mercedes Authorised Garages

    I have just viewed an 06 E320 cdi avantagarde @57k. It has been serviced twice:- 12k and 29k. The second service included Autobox fluid,filters,hydraulic,etc. which looked comprehensive. It was done by M Moss Repairs,25 Park Royal, NW10 7LQ. Does anyone know if they are authorised...
  19. Dizwen

    one problem, two stories from two garages!

    Hope I've posted this in the right section... First off this is not another negative "my car's crap" thread. I love the car. forums can be full of doom and gloom, yes I've got problems but the car is great! The story... A few months ago the engine light came on in the C32. A quick trip to...
  20. BaldGuy

    Exotic Garages - 26 pages of heaven!!

    World's Most Beautiful GARAGES & Exotics: Insane GARAGE PICTURE THREAD! 50+ Pics! -
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