1. flying haggis

    water gardening!!

    What a $2 million pool looks like. [VIDEO] and any chainsaw experts out there??
  2. Stratman

    Gardening question re garlic

    I planted some garlic cloves two or three weeks ago, following the adage "Plant in November", or something like it. I was assuming it would then overwinter in the soil and make an appearance next spring, but the shoots have already started to poke above ground. Is this OK, or are they going...
  3. John

    Gardening expert(s)?

    We bought some Cupressus Wilma Goldcrest (according to the card anyway) which started off well with fertiliser, they were getting 6 hours of sunshine per day and were being watered - and have suddenly gone brown in places after a couple of months. It seems to have stopped progressing and...
  4. Stratman

    Gardening question

    I've got a small bay tree in a tub. I was removing some suckers today and noticed the compost was alive with ants. Do I treat it (with what)? Do I leave it and let nature get on with it? What's my best course of action?

    More gardening!

    :D Hi, again! Saw this plant at a friends today and I quite like it, so question is can I take a cutting? what time of the year is best to do this?

    Another gardening question from.

    me. Hello, what is the plant / weed? in the second picture, centre of the picture. Is it a weed or late flowering thingy? :p
  7. Ade B

    Gardening advice

    One for the avid gardeners amongst you: We have a scruffy lawn approx 5x6m, it gets plenty of sun and there is one large mature sycamore in the SE corner and a very small apple tree and cherry tree planted by us last summer. The lawn is uneven, patchy and full of holes caused by lack of...
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