1. S

    Garmin map update

    My update has been downloading for 5 hours, its now at 2% which is 360MB of a 16GB file I have a 70GB fibre connection so what the hell is it doing? And also how come a 2017 vehicle fresh from delivery from mercedes only has a 2015 satnav card in it! Also radio keeps saying device...
  2. K

    Audio 20 with Garmin Navigation

    The guys at in Surrey took this unit out when I was upgrading last week - It came out of my GLE W166 year 2017 - 4 weeks old Its in perfect condition as you can imagine and includes the Garmin SD card Also have Pin Code which is needed to reinstall Price £250 + shipping - Paypal...
  3. S

    Garmin Map Pilot SD Card Update v8 for Audio 20

    Last weekend I got the SD card out and tried Merc Download Manager to update check my map version and then update it. I left it running and first attempt it foroze at 25%. I then cancelled it and tried again. A few hours later it was stuck at 35% then cancelled again, resumed and this time 52%...
  4. BarryWhitt

    Garmin sat nav SD card can l add speed camera warnings?

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of taking out their sd card from their car and adding speed cameras to it from my PC. I have another Garmin unit with lifetime updates which as standard has speed camera notification. Thanks for any replies.
  5. BIG_G_1979

    Garmin 500 cycling gps

    Garmin 500 cycling gps in box excellent condition comes with charger, lead, instructions and stem mount in excellent condition pm if interested can post at additional cost £80
  6. S

    Garmin Map Pilot update

    So I have been trying to update the maps on my c350e - the SD card should be updated via the online system. I have logged in over the weekend and each time it says there is an update to the version 6 maps but then it fails to download and update them to the card. Today I asked the local...
  7. B

    New GLA,220d, Garmin Sat Nav

    Hi All, Just taken delivery of a new GLA 220 with exec package. The Garmin sat nav does not include safety cameras or upgrade option. The dealer says Mercedes do not offer this feature. They do on Comand, Becker and other units. Has anyone else had this problem, thanks in advance.
  8. E

    Garmin Sat Nav Live Traffic

    I've had a C Class with the Garmin factory fitted Sat Nav for last year, live traffic notifications worked fine until recently. Now when I check traffic it says searching but never provides results. Checked the subscription screen and it shows as a 3 year subscription and is active. Anyone else...
  9. D

    Garmin GPS and Garmin Pilot

    Can someone explain the difference between the standard Garmin GPS SatNav which comes with the Premium Plus Pack and the extra cost Garmin Map Pilot system which appears to be another add-on Option? Thanks.
  10. S

    Garmin update issue

    If you have recently updated your Garmin SD card via the download manager, it might be worth checking your traffic settings. All my subscriptions have gone, I now no longer get any traffic info. I have opened a case with MB and the dealership. It seems both MB and Garmin are under increasing...
  11. M

    GARMIN MAP PILOT 2014 Europe - unable to update since the card is too small

    Hi all, So got this and I need to update. It's 2014 MAP PILOT EUROPE and the car is C200. Pretty sure this thing has not been updated ever since my car was manufactured or when it went in the car (09-2015). I put it in my laptop, and it shows me that the map update itself is something like...
  12. B

    Traffic Options for Garmin Map Pilot

    My first post and it's a "help" please. I have a new SLC delivered today. I have bought the Garmin SD card which works fine BUT I cannot fathom how to get traffic info. When I search it says traffic needs a subscription and it displays a TomTom logo, but it's a Garmin! Can anyone please help to...
  13. W

    which map pilot

    Hi, I'm looking at after-market intergrated sat nav (map pilot) and it appears to be a choice between Garmin map pilot on SD card or the Becker map pilot unit. The car I'm buying doesn't have Comand but has Audio 20. Anybody have any opinions or advice on either or both please? Thanks in...
  14. G

    Garmin Map Pilot

    Does anyone know how to delete previous destinations that are no longer requiredI can only find option for deleting all,which obviously means re- inputting favourite addresses every time! Thanks
  15. B

    Garmin Map Pilot updates

    I have had my C Class since October 2015 and after getting an email from Garmin that my free for life portable sat nav had an update available I decided to also check the SD card in the car for the first time. Using the new road layout at junction 10A of the M1 at Luton Airport as a reference...
  16. J

    Garmin Map Pilot on UK car

    Think I know the horrible answer to this but just to double check... Am about to buy the new A class with Garmin Map Pilot. Am I right in thinking this is a totally offline nav system with no live internet traffic option either as a paid app or otherwise? Thanks :)
  17. O

    Garmin Map Pilot question

    Hi This is my first post on this forum. Just ordered a new C Class Estate which should be here by early February. I have a trivial question regarding the Garmin Map Pilot which is - can this unit display speed LIMITS as well as current speed? I am aware of the problems with speed cameras and...
  18. brucemillar

    Wanted. Garmin or TomTom please

    As above. Mine got nicked. It's just for my weekend truck. But needs to have a mount and cable if possible please. The bigger the better. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  19. S

    W205 Garmin map pilot situation update.

    Just had an email from Germany. 'Owing to considerable owner interest I can confirm we are looking at extended features that would allow owners to delete some built in points of interest, and add and display their own. I don't have a timescale for this update' :thumb:
  20. D

    Garmin Map Pilot

    Hi All. I was hoping somebody would be able to help! I recently received a new (65 plate) C220 Bluetec as a company car, unfortunately when it arrived it came without the Navi SD card which i believe has to be a Garmin Map Pilot to work on the Audio CD 20 system. Every time I get in my...
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