1. Red C220

    UK Oil & Gas (LSE:UKOG)

    I play at stocks and shares, it isn't an income for me as such, more a hobby. For those of you that like to dabble and may not have come across this one, it's an AIM share. Basically that means it's a bet (gamble) rather than an investment, but that's what I like, I do this as an alternative to...
  2. M

    Air Con GAS 2002 MB E220 CDi estate

    Hi, anyone know the type of refrigerant gas in AC on my car please..(no manual) R134A or R1234YF are the only 2 options , i am guessing? regards, Brian Hammonds.
  3. A

    Exhaust Gas Analysis

    Hi, My W211 E-270Cdi is due for Exhaust Gas Analysis. The mileage is 160k (km) It was due in Mar 2016 but dealer didn't do the analysis and set the next due date as Feb 2017. Could someone let me know how these analysis are performed? I know this much from reading the forums that they check...
  4. F

    w210 a/c re gas

    Hi from Australia I've just purchased a 1998 w210 e300 turbo diesel that was imported from the UK in 2007. I can't find much diy on this cars a/c It has the manual wheels for temp adjustment in the console. Its not blowing cold air but the compressor engages The clutch on the compressor...
  5. D

    W203 P1405 Exhaust gas recirculation issue

    Car went into limp mode on saturday. Had to drive 130 miles at 50mph. Couldn't find my OBD2 bluetooth ELM327 so decided to use my old wired one. Scantool no longer work and no drivers for windows 10. Finally found the easyobdII with the reset...
  6. dynamicq

    Air Conditioning Re Gas for under 40GBP?

    Do you know anyone who will do this for less than 50 quid nowadays? I live in Oxford, commute to London and Cambridge. Thanks
  7. R

    Hot start problems 1988 300TE, M013 Gas engine

    Hi Everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me with a persistant hot start problem on my 1988 300E, W124 with the M103 gas engine. I’ve had my car for about 10 years. It has 120,000 Km on it. It is a German model with the adjustable EZL-KAT resistor. The car was built in late 1987. Since I’ve had...
  8. W

    R230 (SL350) Boot Lid Gas Strut Question

    Hi, I have an issue where the Boot Lid on my SL350 will not stay open, but continually falls on my head - I need to replace the Boot Lid Gas Struts where they even have their Part Number conveniently written on them (Q7 A230 750 0036). My question concerns the fact that I have (in error)...
  9. A

    Boot separator gas struts on W209 CLK 280

    Hi, My boot separator on my CLK seems to pop back open every time I close it. I have had a quick look online and believe this to be the gas struts that hold it open. Has anyone else had this problem also is there a how to on changing them? Thanks. Albert.
  10. K

    Gas powered daily life

    Very funny!
  11. marty359

    Gas pipes been stolen

    Unbelievable :eek: I have a rental property and the night before a new tenant moves in some low life nicked 25m of 28mm copper pipe running down the side of the house :doh: £125 of copper pipe and £50 mates rates labour to get it up and running again all for the sake of about a tenners worth...
  12. F

    W203 Air con gas leak

    Hi again... Could a STAR diag machine pinpoint source of a gas leak at component level, ie condenser, pump etc? I have a leak and can't locate it with dye as not able to pressurise the system sufficiently via a canister due to the large escape of the refrigerant and the short operation of the...
  13. R

    nitrogen gas filled tyres

    Nitrogen gas filled tyres, anyone done this and taken their car on track, in the quest for more traction, been advised by my local tyre place to do this for my next track day. Must confess to being a little nervous to doing this at such short notice, without experiencing what the changes...
  14. S

    S211 tailgate strut replacement notes

    I replaced my lazy S211 tailgate struts today. Here are a few notes which might help you if you are considering the job yourself. It took me about an hour to do the first side and 15 minutes to do the next side as by then I knew what I was doing. I got the new ones from ebay, listed as Febi...
  15. P

    R129 300SL boot lid gas struts

    The boot lid on my 1997 300SL no longer pops up on opening and I guess there's something amiss with the gas strut. How many are there - 1 or 2 (one per side) - and are they difficult to replace?
  16. M

    MB C270 Gas Pedal Problems

    Hello there MB enthusiasts, I joined this forum today as I have a problem with my MB C270. Also, I don't know if there is any similar/same thread so I just made a new one. So, I drive this Mercedes Benz C270 2003 Avantgarde, and the problem is that whenever I fully push the gas pedal (e.g...
  17. nb_racing

    Domestic gas job

    I'm refitting my kitchen and moving the hob and so need to extend the copper gas main that pops up throught he concrete floor. Im happy soldering copper but I've never used a manometer to check for leaks. Can anyone advise on this? I've used glass cleaner spray on pressurised water pipes (in...
  18. E

    S211 Tailgate Gas Struts

    I have had a poke about in the search and haven't come with anything definitive. I have been quoted £85 per side for struts and four hours labour for changing them. I can get the struts cheaper and I understand from the search that it isn't necessary to drop the entire headlining which saves...
  19. grober

    British Gas price hike.

    I rather liked this. I rather liked these replies to the #askBG Twitter session also . The funniest questions Twitter asked of British Gas boss today | Liberal Conspiracy
  20. C240Sport97

    Carbon Monoxide, British Gas and National Grid

    British Gas (BG) tested my boiler this morning with a meter with a long prod which was stuck deep into the boiler. The CO reading was 17 parts per million (ppm) initially, falling to 12ppm after a couple of minutes. CO is harmful if exposed to 35ppm for over 8 hours. BG man said I had...
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