1. D

    Air Con need re gassing?

    The air con my 2009 CLC200 is not icy cold as I would expect. How do I know if it needs re gassing? I don't want to payout for this if its something else. There is also a slight smell, although I have smelt much worse on other cars whilst air con is running.
  2. S

    My car is slowly gassing me! Please help

    Hi every body I'm a new member, my car is a 2005 c200 kompressor which I love but is now slowly killing me! The problem I have is when stopped with the heaters on engine running I get a very strong smell of exhaust gases! There is no visible exhaust blow, can't hear one either. Also may think...
  3. P

    c180k gassing me out? - air intake?

    Hi all. got a c180k sports coupe on a 53 plate. Recently while driving ive been getting headaches, sounded like a blow from exhaust, check it out, all's fine! Then noticed a "sucking noise" coming over from the passenger side on acceleration and my K&N not making as much noise as it did...
  4. Spinal

    Air Conditioner "Gassing"

    Greetings! It seems like the summer is here; long sunny weekdays followed by rainy weekends :p Either way, I grew up in a tropical country - hence, I need to compensate for all the heat I grew up with! So, I decided to take the plunge and buy a split-system air con. Problem; the system...
  5. C240Sport97

    Air Con Servicing/Re Gassing in East London

    Any recommendations anyone? Thanks and regards, SEAN
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