1. C

    W164 2007 tail gate stuck closed

    Hi all, anyone had similar experiences with the soft close tailgate? It's been playing up a lately with what sounds like gears /cogs slipping when it tried to pull itself closed ,but it always did after a couple of goes.It closed without the soft " pull in" tonight(like a standard tailgate) and...
  2. C

    W123 estate tail gate

    Hi, I'm after a W123 estate tailgate. My grandad left me his car and I'm looking at getting it back up to a high standard. Unfortunately the tailgate is past repair. I'm located in Surrey and don't mind travelling to collect. I've rang a couple of the usual breakers already. I'm...
  3. 2

    Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 - Waynes Gate

    Hello all, I would like to thanks Terry for the wonderful job he did on my 16V. More preventative maintenance than anything...Most of the suspension front and rear was redone along with discs/pads etc. The AC was overhauled and its blowing ice cold air as it should be. ONLY original...
  4. -Ian

    W204 Tail gate chrome strip removals. How to guide

    Recently I plasti dipped the chrome strip on my tail gate but I wasn't happy with the finish so today I vinyl wrapped it. Sure I could have done it with it still on the car but as I love to fettle I decided to remove it to ensure a perfect finish. No photos of the first bit but tbh none...
  5. R

    Vito Sport X tail gate

    Hi, I've just bought a used Vito Sport X. I'm having difficulty closing the rear tail gate, it takes a good few slams to get it to stay shut........I notice there are two bolts that look like they may be spacers and are adjustable..... Any tips on how I can adjust so that the tail...
  6. H

    E class w211 Audio Gate way Unit

    Strugling to find the Audio Gateway Unit in my 2003 E class Estate. A few friends of mine work at Mercedes so called them for advice. They thought it was in the rear left boot area, next to the SAM Unit. Took the car to them during thier lunch break, low and behold they could't see it either...
  7. mememan

    w215 tail gate struts / hinge

    I know there have been lots of posts about problems with the boot not opening or closing but Im experiencing slightly different things. 1) The boot opens fine (it did have some problems but put some lube on the hinges) 2) It shuts but very quickly aka take you head off fast. 3)...
  8. guydewdney

    Electric gate kit supplier?

    anyone either in the business, or know / recommend a powerful single leaf gate opener (above ground, ram type)? 16 foot iron gate in a windy environment :eek: Im just after supply only - quite capable of fitting it. tia Guy
  9. P

    E280 Tail gate and wash wipe

    Seem to be having all the electrical problems at once. Tail gate will not open and rear wiper not working - both failed at the same time? There seems to be a module tucked up in the tail gate from where wires for the wiper and handle mechanism seem to come from. Would you think its more likely...
  10. D

    Can I delete Express Gate from my P.C.?

    My original (5 year old) Asus laptop has got my full iTunes on it and it's the only thing I know use the computer for. The memory is nearly full, so I've been looking at which program's I can delete to free up some memory and I've noticed 'Express Gate' is using up a colossal 617mb whereas...
  11. gwiseman

    2000 W210 E320 Cdi Auto Estate (100K miles): Reduced Performance: MAF? Pressure Gate?

    Hi all, After extensive lurking and learning, my first post: Day 1: Car starts and idles as normal but shudders as I'm pulling off, as if it's trying to pull in third (winter mode and handbrake not engaged!). After just a few metres, the car drives fine, but shudders again when I next pull...
  12. ringway

    My Royal Gate.

    Yesterday evening I was tasked with building a gate to keep our hounds off the side garden. I'd asked Mrs Ringway to order some tanalised timber and she thought decking would be a good idea. However, the decking she ordered for me to collect, late on saturday afternoon was thicker than I would...
  13. Z

    Chrome shift gate for Mercedes W107 108 111 115 116 123

    I'm looking for a chrome shift gate for Mercedes W107,108,111,115,116,123 for a car with a steering wheel on the left side.
  14. T

    How to test a turbo gate transducer ?

    Hello, This regards an electrical component, but since it's sole purpose is to control the turbo, I'm posting it in here. There's a wee electricity to suction converter, a transducer, which controls the gate on the turbo in the diesel Vaneo / A-Class. It sits just under the brake fluid...
  15. jonathan

    electric gate / garage door opener

    i have read someware that you can have three buttons on your interior mirror that will control your gates and garage doors i have looked on the interior mirror and you can see three knock outs on the bottom left hand side where they would go but i dont know if theres a module that can be fitted...
  16. Carrotchomper

    Nick Mercedes, stuff the gate....

    In the nicest possible sense. We want this bad boy! Prototype carbon ice cream van? Awesome... :devil:
  17. nick mercedes

    For sale - big gate

    From the same place the ramps came from, one big galvanised gate, big enough to get a lorry through, middle bit has a wheel and it slides open. Any sensible offer above scrap money gets it, it's going to be cut up and scrapped at some point in the next week or so...
  18. mercmanuk

    Steel security gate

    Steel security gate i think its powder coated white comes with 3 case hardened hinges with snap bolts high security brass lock 79" high...331/2" wide but theres an xtra 31/2" movement on the hinges can be opened from both sides brand new still shrink wraped..cost roughly £300 ive fitted...
  19. BenzComander

    Tail gate will not open!!

    W210 estate, symptoms are the tailgate starts to open but gets stuck where the self closing action starts. Will self close itself but refuses to open past the self closing point?? Any ideas, can this be adjusted out?? Thanks!
  20. Gucci

    ML W163 tail gate... is it powered?

    Just a quickie, I had a look at an ML350 at CarGiant in London. I pressed the boot button, heard a little motor go from the it supposed to open up like my old C-class did? TA
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