1. 8

    r230 audio gateway

    would anyone out there have a unit to fit a 2007 sl 350 for sale,please message me with the price please regards mick
  2. HB

    Dension gateway 500 F/S

    I have a Dension Gateway from my 211 for sale. It gives full ipod control for cars with Comand. THIS IS FOR 211 FITMENT WITH COMAND ONLY £150. Gateway 500 | Dension
  3. design guru

    W220 Audio Gateway 2001 s320 cdi

    I have an S320cdi W220(2001) and have had issues with the sound on the comand where it cuts out for 3-4 seconds whilst the radio is on every 10 seconds. I have done some research and the most common issue is the audio gateway or the phone module. Although I have a phone dock in the armrest no...
  4. HughSurrey

    Dension gateway

    Probably a long shot, but has anyone used or have any knowledge of this: Mercedes CLK W209 Dension Gateway 500S BT iPod iPhone USB Bluetooth Adaptor | eBay Looking to use it to get bluetooth into my 2003 CLK cab, which has Comand and the Bose upgrade
  5. esprit200

    Comand 2.0, Dension Gateway 500, 6 Disc Changer

    Hello, I have these items for sale, removed from my 2003 CLK, in perfect working order. Prices are negotiable. Collection from Chelmsford, or insured delivery at £10. Comand 2.0 with 2005/2006/2007 maps discs, Part No. A 203 820 96 89 £300 Dension IceLink Gateway 500 with...
  6. K

    SL55 AMG Central Gateway Problem

    Hi there. First post on the forum. I have an 03/04 SL55 AMG F1. I had it in Holland recently and had to change out the crank oposition sensor dure to starting prolems. Those starting problems were resolved but simultaneous with that fix some electroci issues arose but could be coincidental...
  7. decompressing

    Dension Gateway 500BT

    I've fitted this to my 2006 (facelift) E320CDi and it works (ish). I have COMAND fitted too and an unused factory-fit UHI phone cradle under the centre are. The problem I get (and I'm not 100% convinced that its not just the Dension software being crap) is that the whole set-up is very clunky...
  8. J

    W215 Star Diagnostic possible central gateway issue

    I have some unexpected test results on Star and would like to find out if they are a problem. When I connect star it says it is unable to connect to the central gateway and asks me to enter details such as steering mode and VIN. After running a quick test I get this: I am expecting...
  9. Danny DeVito

    Mail from Parts Gateway ??

    Anyone get mail from these ? I got an email with my surname in it. I asked where my details were found but no reply yet. Only new sign up was to a well known MB forum
  10. zenman63


    Just looking at retro fitting a gateway now I have wis. On ebay there seems to be lots of variations for the same part. like 203 and 211 but all look the same, are they model specific? I have found one from a vito but has a 203 part number.
  11. K

    dension gateway 300 and a R230 (05)

    is the Dension gateway 300 compatible to the comand system in my 05 SL350 (R230)? Any info asap as I've seen one very cheap, thanks
  12. H

    Audio Gateway E class W211

    I believe I have a problem with the AGW unit, but not entirely sure if this is the root issue. Would the AGW cause the radio, CD and DVD player to cut the sound for a split second every few minutes ? Also would it effect the Sat Nav ? It will not realise its true location. I have traced all...
  13. donshl

    Wanted: Dension Gateway 500 (GW51MO2 GW 500 MOST dual FOT)

    Hi I'm looking for the above. If you have one for sale please contact me, Many thanks, Don
  14. zenman63

    genuine Gateway

    Whats involved in fitted a genuine gateway in the vito for future upgrades like Dab. I have found a used one cheap and harness, or part harness, its a 203 part number. Is it worth it or not as I am planning on fitting Dab and MB cannot code as they cannot even find the retro fitted NTG2.5...
  15. Sooty_uk

    MB iPod Interface vs Dension Gateway 500

    I currently have a factory fitted iPod Interface in my W209 CLK. I find that although the sound quality is great the volume level is not as loud as I would like it to be. I have tried the Mercedes iPod Amplifier for the interface and it increases the volume quite a bit but find I loose quality...
  16. K

    Dension Gateway 500

    I have an NTG2.5 Comand in my W211. The limitations of the built in memory and SD card capacity are driving me nuts so I want a proper integrated iPod solution. I now that I can get the proper MB kit for circa £180 (plus installation) and that will allow me to operate using the...
  17. C

    Audio Gateway / Amplifier

    Hi, does anyone out there have an amplifier / audio gateway (I've heard it called both) for a 2006 E350 Estate ? Just checked with my local MB dealer and the new part number is : 211 870 6789 Thanks Chris
  18. Melk63

    For Sale Dension Gateway 500 iPod kit interface for mercedess MOST systems Dual FOT

    Please see eBay auction: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  19. O

    gateway ipod intergration and ipod problem

    A few months ago I got a Gateway system installed in my 2003 E Class with command, until last week no Problems at all, now though when I plug in my ipod it says connected to acessory and I can't scroll through playlists etc at all, is this a problem with the installation or the ipod itself?, it...
  20. amg3.6

    Dension gateway 500 comand 2

    Has anyone got as above installed on there comand 2? I want to clarify if all info such as song title etc is seen in the instrumet cluster as i have read mixed reviews some say it works with D2B and some say no txt available with D2B networks
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