1. S

    tripped out gatso

    i was just flashed by a gatso that was on the other side of the road i wasnt speeding and all the camera would have got is a picture of some clear strech of road with an unobstructed view of the calibration lines. Is this normal? Or is the camera just in need of repair?
  2. B

    Command SatNav GATSO DataBase?

    Hi All Does anyone know if a replacement dvd is available for the satnav in my new E320cdi sport which will show speed cameras?
  3. jahewitt

    Gatso - has the wife been got ?

    The wife was flashed by a gatso this morning. It was on the other side of the road, facing towards her and flashed white light. She was the only car around. Was she got - can they flash white light into the drivers face - or has she triggered it but won't be got?? Any ideas or...
  4. mickl

    Gatso cameras

    was driving through Stafford today on the A449 and got flashed by a bloody Gatso, :devil: I was doing around 35ish at the time. I was approaching it so it took a pic of the front of the car. Can't remember if rules have changed or not but I seem to remember only photos of the rear of the car...
  5. mark.t


    Makes for interesting reading ......I especially like the typo error regarding SPEED CAMERA may be worth while doing if your licence is on the line read the press release at the bottom of page as well
  6. PJH

    Lightening strikes Gatso !!!

    Just read in Autocar that Lightening struck a Gatso last week, west bound on the M4. :D :bannana: :D
  7. A

    Gatso Anti-Flash Cosmetic

    Has anyone seen the sunday press which claims that a well known cosmetic used by millions of women actually works better than any of the expensive anti-flash plates that are currently on sale. Anybody any idea what it is - I just got flashed again - An SAS camera van parked behind a tree. :eek:
  8. McGreggor

    Anti Gatso Spray?

    Anyone heard anything good or bad on this product? I've seen covers that are designed to fit over the plates before, I think they basically had a thin film of see-through plastic that was highly reflective, and at the same time filtered out IR. Trouble was I could never find any that were...
  9. vito113

    Anti Gatso Spray?

    At they are selling a spray from the US that claims to make plates unreadable if flashed. Has anyone tried this stuff? Does it work?
  10. Kinky

    DIY Gatso

    Located in South Ascot, which I happened upon this morning. I've no idea why it's actually there. It was not there last week, and I don't think your old faithful Origin or Roadangel, etc will pick this one up. As an aside - when I went to take these pics this afternoon a 5 series...
  11. Sp!ke

    Mobile Gatso

    Just thought I'd mention that there was a mobile Gatso on the Great West Road, between the MB stealership and Chiswick Roundabout (just where Vinny was caught the other week) earlier today. Be careful out there!
  12. VikJ

    Gatso Busting.....

    Chance to get your own back..... Camera Killer
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