1. T

    Gatwick Hotel/Parking

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent hotel with carparking near Gatwick (but do not want to leave the keys with hotel). Read too many tales of mileage increases when leaving keys. Thinking about going away later on in the year. Many thanks.
  2. flango

    Restaurant Close to Gatwick

    Hi All Ian the engineer has to go to Gatwick tomorrow to pick up SWMBO relatives :mad: JSWMBO is riding shotgun with me and I thought it would be nice to treat her to dinner. I have to pick up at Gatwick at 10:30pm so looking for a nice pub or restaurant close by to have dinner...
  3. F

    Gatwick airport lounge

    Going on long haul holiday on friday so am required to check in quite early means we have to spend a couple of hours in the airport. To make it less stressful i though id book the family in to a lounge. Does anyone have experience of the gatwick north lounges, serviceair or nr1? Is it worth...
  4. Spinal

    Helmets @ Gatwick & Bologna

    Does anyone have experience with motorcycle helmets @ Gatwick & Bologna airports? Looking online, it would appear that some airports allow them as hand-luggage, while others don't... M.
  5. Borys

    Lpg refilling stations Gatwick area

    I found one lpg refilling station Pease Pottage services which is a ripp off. Any one knows of any around?
  6. Borys

    leather restore Gatwick area

    Does anybody can recomend a good restorer around Gatwick area? My drivers seat is worn and would like to get it refurb. Tried all sorts of treatments- better but I recon it needs a pro hand. Rgds
  7. P

    Looking for a specialist near gatwick area (Crawley)

    Hi there guys urgently looking for a specialist to help me sort the mrs' car, Its a W203 C200k with possible alternator fault, I contacted willow132 but he's a little far and haven't got the facillities to tow the car Also the car will be having a service b shortly after and few other bits...
  8. R

    Wi Fi at gatwick

    For the second time i cant connect to the free internet acess at airports. It finds the signal and says its connected but wont show pages.When i use it in holels at home and abroad it works fine. Any ideas ???:devil:
  9. P

    Gatwick valet parking

    Just booked my baby into gatwick parking in October, and realised they take it off me and park it in a field somewhere. I thought i would just park as usual until i read what actually happens. Now i'm worried they're gonna rag it round some muddy field, ( my fault for not looking at the small...
  10. wobbly

    Diamond Parking Services Gatwick

    You call them when you are 20 minutes away from the airport, they meet you at the terminal, and take your car to off site secure parking. Then on your return they are waiting at the terminal for you with your car, so no transfer buses. Has anyone used them, and what is the quality of service...
  11. Chrishazle

    MB Eastbourne / Gatwick / Brighton / Redhill - Free Vehicle Health Check

    Was at MB Eastbourne yesterday - helpful people sorting out my misaligned offside headlight for me FOC - seems I'd managed to get the replacement bulb in upside down! (My excuse is it was dark, raining, awkward to get at, outdoor carpark job!). Anyway, they (and the other 3 garages in their...
  12. nigel cross

    Gatwick Airport Parking

    I need to book some long term Parking at Gatwick. Dont really want to give them my keys as car may be parked??? Any ideas ?
  13. D

    Hotel in Gatwick

    Hope someone can help: Flying from Gatwick late April and need to spend the night before and take advantage of some free hotel parking. Would prefer somewhere nice to eat dinner the night before if possible or a place near a pub although I've no idea what Gatwick pubs might be like...
  14. MikeL

    Gatwick S. Terminal Shops

    Hi, Anyone know of any iPod stockists (apart from Dixons) that sell iPods in Gatwick Duty Free, South Terminal? Cheers
  15. agatward

    Parking at Gatwick?

    All, I am off on holidays next week and unfortunately our local buses don't run down to the railway station at the time I need to be there, so I'm probably going to have to drive to Gatwick. Has anyone any experiences with some of the parking companies there - are any of them good or are there...
  16. MercedesBent

    Decent body shop in SE (Gatwick)?

    Newly bough C200 (98) needs the bonnet and the wings (at the very least) re-sprayed. Have spoken to the aproved MB body shop in the area and quoted £800 + VAT for both front wings, bonnet and the colur inserts on bumpers front and back for an extra £100 + Vat So just over £1000 ish all...
  17. stats007

    Gatwick Parking

    I'm off on holiday this weekend and am contemplating leaving the car at Gatwick. Any recommendations or should I just leave it at home and get a taxi?
  18. Alps

    Rhodes GTG at Gatwick

    waiting at the ar at Gatwick and guess who i bump into? GRAV888 and family, on their way to rhodes on the same flight as me! think he`s still out there, greastes place to go tho guys! just got back yesterday afternoon!
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