1. D

    Wanted W163 Dog Gaurd

    Metal dog guard wanted for Pre facelift 1999 ML, any body got one gathering dust in their garage ?
  2. rusty55

    R129 best use of sill gaurd

    on road trip works well 940 miles down
  3. BenzedUP

    Star Gaurd kits

    Hi, Got brand new Mercedes Star Gaurd kits up for grabs. Both interior & exterior kits. Looking for £85 plus P&P for all of them (bargain I know) Let me know if you're interested! Cheers, Jo
  4. M

    Mercedes Star Gaurd or pay detailer?

    Hi All, I am about to buy a E350 cdi Coupe and wondered if I should go for their (MB dealer) paint and interior treatment or go for some detailer supplied equivalent service that will offer better protection (if that is possible) MB dealer wants to charge a few Hundred for the work I live in...
  5. B

    sump gaurd

    Over the festive season my brother managed to trash my sump gaurd while out on the town . Don' t ask Once is once to many . anyway does any one no where I can get a sump gaurd other than the main stealer :mad: W202 C 230 komp Obsidian Black
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