1. demetrios

    Anyone used BenzTec, Dey Mercedes or andy gayle for service

    Hi guys As Im looking for a reputable specialist to service my SL I'm wondering if anyone has used these company's. ANDY gayle in Smethwick DEY Mercedes in Birmingham BenzTec in Merryfield.
  2. B

    Andrew Gayle - Mercedes/Benz Services - Smethwick - any good?

    Any experiences of this company anyone?
  3. C

    Andy Gayle's

    know a lot of people rate this place but I've also read of a few people being upset after going there. The posts I've read here and on mb owners all have glowing reports in 05 and early 06. However, later posts show a few people being upset. I need some work doing, and just wondering should I...
  4. Sp!ke

    My Andy Gayle experience

    I decided to book my car in the other day with Andy Gayle at following various bits of good feedback I have heard about his workshop, and his willingness to offer free advice to all over on the other forum. I arrived at 8:30, the workshop was larger than I...
  5. Z

    Andy GAYLE

    Does anyone have the address and phone number for this bloke? I've heard he's good.
  6. G

    Andy Gayle Mercedes W Midlands

    No sign of this chap's garage on here, so here goes: I've e-mailed Andy a few times prior to this morning's visit. Indeed, I originally mailed him two years ago out of the blue asking him for advice for my first Mercedes. He was very helpful, replying almost straight away with loads of...
  7. F

    Mr Andy Gayle

    Has Andy joined us here in our new home?
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