1. developer

    GCSE Results - A* in Art

    Along with thousands of others, my youngest son got his GCSE results today. I thought some might enjoy his art work, for which he got an A*. Each picture is 600mm x 400mm and created when he was 14 to 16. His portfolio was shown at the Birmingham City University 2014 Gifted And Talented...
  2. W

    Science GCSE standards 'lowered'

    This is a bit of a hobby horse for me: BBC article. Though to say that Maths has held its standards is hard to imagine. Looking at the bigger picture, when I did my Maths GCSE in 1990 I looked at my father's O-Level paper he did in the 1960s and it looked orders of magnitude more difficult...
  3. Alfie

    Very proud - GCSE results

    Some of you may recall some time ago that I offered our eldest daughter £100 for every A* she achieved in her GCSE results. Now, she took 10 GCSE's so I was possibly looking at the thick end of £1,000:eek: After the exams, said daughter opted to trade the deal in if she could have a new...
  4. glojo

    Latest GCSE results

    First off I am NOT criticising any of our children's excellent results. I congratulate them on their achievements. We have a few educators on this forum so please take the following as more of a question. Schools only allow students to sit exams if the school thinks the pupil has a very...
  5. R

    GCSE Results

    Just back from my daughter's school and am really chuffed. She worked extremely hard for her exams, far harder than I ever did, and today she got her reward. 13 GCSEs 6 at A* and 5 As. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  6. R

    GCSE Car Question

    If one were going onto a dual carriageway and if you got there at exactly the same time as an audi A3 1.8T, and a modded S reg Golf GTI, and you were in C180k with a measured 182bhp what order would the three cars arrive at the roundabout 2 miles up the road and why ?
  7. pammy

    GCSE results

    One very proud very delighted mum - my darling daughter got 9 As and 3 Bs in her GCSEs. We're over the moon for her. :bannana: :bannana: Good luck to other parents who's munchkins are getting their results today ;)
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