1. G

    Wheres GDC200?

    No sign of Greg for a mods done for an eternity. Anyone know where he is? :confused:
  2. Paul


    Greg I notice your signature has changed and includes a new car. Is there something your not telling?? P.S Thanks for assistance your a top bloke. :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  3. Aletank

    FAO GDC200 - Mud Flaps/(Black wheel Arch Trims)

    They are actually the Mercedes mud flaps, I fitted some myself about 6 months ago They cost £17.77 a pair from the main dealer, part No below for the C Class (W202) Q 3 40 20270 Mudflap Front Q 3 40 20280 Mudflap Rear For £35 for a full set they seam to be good value and blend in...
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