1. T

    Automatic Gearbox for a W124 E300D 24V

    I'm looking to replace the auto gearbox in my W124 E300D 24V engined estate. Call me on 07961045260
  2. SANJP

    Geabox Prob W211 Help !!!!!!

    I have a bit of a prob with my W211 E320 CDI I was trying to sort a issue out with the parking sensors so was trying to find the parking control box I was told its under the passenger footwell by a obvious idiot anyway I unpluged the wires to the unit to see if anything would happen to the...
  3. F

    C220 Geabox

    Does anyone know why my C220 (1996 five speed) manual gearbox jumps (and bangs !) out of first when taking away from stationary. It's OK in the rest of the gears. ta.
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