1. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  2. gigdesigns

    9G Auto Gearbox stays in 2nd gear when moving slowly

    I have a W205 with a 9-speed auto gearbox. One real niggle I've noticed is when I am crawling along very slowly, say up to a junction, the gearbox will stay in 2nd gear, even when I am doing 1mph. When I get to the junction and then decide to accelerate, I'll start to move forward but then it...
  3. Eddy77

    7G Gear "slips" when cold

    Hello, I've got a 2008 CLK 350 with the 7G tronic box fitted. Just recently I have noted that when starting and pulling away from cold, the gear box slips on the first change (and possibly the second) of the journey. By "slips" I mean that it seems to over-rev slightly on the change before...
  4. S

    W209 Gear wont shift

    Hi all, Gear box problem with my W209 CLK 2005 model changed transmission oil Wednesday 02/08 same transmission problem a week ago any help or suggestion /repair cost will be appreciated. Location BB7 RAC DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM System Type: ENGINE SYSTEM TEST/VALUES Name: 272.940 - ME...
  5. D

    W124 to W210 gear shifter??

    I want to install a later W210 gear shifter to my W124... As you guys know, the W124 shifter and stalk is one piece, whereas on the W210, the stalk stays in situ and its just the gear shifter that comes off.. Iv seen people use the later ones on earlier cars... so how best to go about it...
  6. Mo2312

    New w220 s500 owner - no 5th gear

    Hi All Ive just purchased a nice w220 S500 amg sport with 94k on the clock, but need some help as the car wont shift into 5th gear. When at 70 was sitting at just over 3k rpm, kickdown does not work and unable to select gears manually through gearstick. Ive had the codes read and got p2502...
  7. M

    Erratic engine speed / gear change

    Hi Have a 2010 e 220 CDI with 5 speed auto. When car is cold the gear changes are quite sharp and the engine revs are dipping and raising quite vigorously as I drive along at say 30mpj. Car done 45k miles and just had transmission fluid change. Once car is warmed up the gear changes are...
  8. D

    Delay in engaging reverse gear

    Hello everyone. I have a 1998 A160 W168 with an automatic transmission (722.7). Ever since I bought it a year or so ago it has had a problem with the reverse gear. When selected, it will engage fine when the engine is cold, but then it only engages after a delay when the engine is running hot...
  9. F

    Mercedes C Class w205 new shape manual gear stick shaking

    Hello all, I am new on here and have a issue with my new shape C Class W205 saloon which I am hoping someone can help with. Whilst driving in gear 4 or 6, my gear stick excessively shakes and vibrates which I feel is not normal at all. I have taken the car to the dealers and I was told...
  10. Red C220

    115hp and no reverse gear

    This looks like the most fun you can have on four wheels. [YOUTUBE HD]LU4bIsdnbkM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  11. D

    1999 r129 gear recognition switch

    Hell o, I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox. The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine. The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on. I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part...
  12. Harrythedog

    Intermittent gear selector problem

    My S212 has a problem at times going into gear. Either D or R the stalk won't move into them. When I can select a gear there is always a double click that accompanies the selection. Any ideas anyone Thanjs
  13. G

    For Sale: Automatic CVT W169 W245 Gear Selector

    I have an unwanted spare for sale: W169/W245 CVT Automatic Gear Selector - A1693700709 Clean, excellent condition, works perfectly. Relevant part numbers: A169 370 0709 169 267 056 169 267 057 169 267 067 169 267 068 £30 for forum members delivered in Britain (excluding...
  14. gr1nch

    Top Gear move over

    Just watched a head-to-head between a V12 G-Wagen and an Icon FJ44 (if like me, you were thinking, "what's that?", watch the video). It is Motor Trend Channel and these guys were great. I'm not a huge fan of Americanisms, but that video was more...
  15. Gledsyc63

    Car lurching stalling when selecting gear

    Just after some advice or help pinpointing a problem. Car c63 2012 V6 tune Full ipe Carbon intake Quaife diff For the last 2 years the car has been slightly jumpy rev needle bouncing very small amounts. I had a full software update done to try rectify the problem. The tranny fluid was...
  16. M

    ml320 gear box issues...

    Afternoon all..I've 3 weeks ago bought another ml. i used to have a 430 V8 but w have no got a 320 with LPG because we wanna hook a caravan to it and go out in the blue but some issues regarding her gear box have come up.. Every time i do a kick down she tells me "check engine" and she sort...
  17. CLSMark

    Watching proper Top Gear (Grosser episode)

    Being a MB newbie I'm swatting up on all thing Benz. I've fallen in love with Jezza's 600 Grosser Has anybody in here owned one, been in one? They look incredible. Incidentally looks like it's off road. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. S

    Gear box indisisive

    Hi all I have got a ml63 amg 64 plate and noticed at low speed say 15/20mph The gear box seems like it's unsure what gear to choose if driving it real easy Is this normal also in paddle mode quite laggy on gear changes Before this I did have a rs4 avant and the gear change was instant Can...
  19. petey300dLWB

    T1 307d lost 1st gear. Parts advice. gear link/selector rod bush and clip perished.

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help me source parts: I have a T1 motorhome import, 307d 1979 2.4 OM616.934(i think) with a 4 speed box. I recently lost 1st gear on a busy hill which was rather hairy. Managed to roll her back onto the embankment and got underneath to discover one of the...
  20. M

    New Top Gear

    So, that's two episodes in. What do you all think? I'm liking it. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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